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EVE Architects

Timeless villa

A great desire of the client was to build a timeless, modern villa with 1930s details. In addition, they very much wanted to design the villa in width so that they could enjoy the street and garden from all living spaces. Indeed, the villa is located on a beautiful authentic street where there are mostly 1930s homes.

The family has owned this lot for several years. When they bought the lot there was an old farmhouse; they demolished it in 1990. At the time, they built a beautiful residential farmhouse on the lot, yet this farm did not feel like a real “home. Something was missing, the feeling was not there and the spaces were too small. They tied the knot: something had to change….

Initially they came to our remodeling architect, for remodeling the residential farmhouse. A beautiful design was on the table but still the feeling did not stay right. Therefore, they decided to demolish the residential farmhouse and build this timeless modern villa. In addition to the exterior, we also designed the interior. Both architectural and custom interiors.

The garden was designed by BuitenZin and landscaped by Troost Hoveniers. The beautiful shapes and plantings perfectly match the architecture of the house, it gives the villa the look it deserves. The family feels at home in its new timeless modern villa.

Photos and video were made possible by Troost Hoveniers & Steggink Bouw

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