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Total project Old Turnhout

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Old Warehouse

Intro – entrance hall

For this total project in Oud-Turnhout, Texture Painting was given complete “carte blanche. The result, then, is a full elaboration of our vision: a special finish on all surfaces, bringing a soul and unique unity to the whole. Everything is right, from A to Z.

Ronny proudly tells you how Texture Painting took charge of this project, and how our creative vision took center stage:

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With microtopping, the bathroom was completely transformed into an oasis of tranquility by making an unbroken whole of all the elements – without joints, without seams. Creative and low maintenance!

Ronny is happy to tell you how we accomplished this:

Bar/meeting room

This multipurpose room was also thoroughly tackled by Texture Painting. Our distinctive Puro Metallo technology gives this bar a surprisingly unique metal look, perfectly suited to the bright atmosphere of the meeting room.

Ronny explains how Texture Painting covered this handsome room:


To create a particularly pure look in this kitchen, the walls and ceiling were given a custom-made painting technique based on hydraulic lime. This unique, innovative creation was perfectly integrated organically with the microtopping on the kitchen cabinets and floor.

Ronny will tell you all about it:


In the hallway of this overall project, Texture Painting created a soothing unity. Giving the cabinets the same finish as the walls created a classy uniformity that gives the impression of being part of the whole.

Find out how we approached this:

Guest toilet

Different materials were used in the guest restroom, but tranquility was maintained by providing a perfect blending of colors. Texture Painting makes this story completely true by also creating consistency with the painting technique used in the rest of the house.

Learn more about our approach:

Sitting Corner

Instead of providing classic accent walls, Texture Painting chose a unique decorative finish on all the walls, ceiling and even the side cheeks of the stairs. This ensured a special sense of warmth and tranquility that connects the entire house.

Be inspired by Ronny, who passionately explains how Texture Painting brought unity to this interior design story:

Children’s bathroom

Texture Painting also realized a unique bathroom for the daughter. With a timeless light pink microtopping and white plumbing fixtures, the children’s bathroom was finished stylishly, yet easily adaptable in the future.

Be inspired by Ronny who will be happy to explain why microtopping in color can be a special addition, even for your project:

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