Upon entering our showroom, Thieu & Marieke immediately fell in love with the velvet DWC wallpaper. This cuddly wall covering became the basis for the overall concept we were asked to develop for them. They longed for a space where they could retreat to fully relax. On the upper floor of their home, we furnished this luxurious bedroom with ensuite bathroom and more than made their dreams come true.

By putting together a mood board, we quickly got a clear picture of their personal style. And because we only do custom work, we were able to completely customize the space. With the installation of a partition wall, we separated the shower room from the sleeping area.

A chic color palette of pink, gold and black offered many possibilities. The exclusive touch was achieved by working with high-quality materials and premium brands. The bathtub faucet, rain shower, spot water, magnetic hand shower and Hi-Fi control panel in this bathroom are by the Italian brand Gessi.

The color and material choices determined the overall picture. By boldly combining here, a challenging but harmonious whole has been created. To contrast with the soft, glamorous wallpaper, we chose a black wall tile. The veins in this glossy tile create a playful effect, providing a nice counterpart to the clean lines and elegant curves of the other elements.

A generous bathtub to fully relax in on a daily basis was absolutely essential for the customer. Thanks to the durable material solid surface, the exterior of this bathtub can be sprayed in virtually any color. By giving the bathtub and the basin the same look, we created a nice interplay between the opposing elements.

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