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Wellness Garden Achterhoek

Living in a special location, who wouldn’t want that? This property is located in a picturesque spot on a dirt road in the Achterhoek. The garden is on the edge of fields and meadows and offers a view of the church tower. Surrounded by nature. Last year, a wild roebuck was even born in the woodland fence adjacent to the garden!

Luxury combined with floral splendor
This farm garden was designed around the desire to create a swimming pool in one’s own garden. As you enter the yard from the dirt road, you immediately get a rural feeling among the old fruit trees and Hawthorn hedges. The backyard provides a contrast, however, with the addition of the pool. The pool is fully equipped, yet fully integrated into the rural garden. Near the pool is a new covered terrace, which has a fireplace and heaters. This allows residents to spend wonderful evenings outside, even when it gets a little chillier.

Various terraces
We have situated the new terraces so that residents can always find a place in the sun (or shade). Each terrace has its own atmosphere and identity. A characteristic spot is the haystack with adjacent terrace, near the frog pool. This spot offers beautiful views of the ash landscape and the farm.

Planting in the farm garden
The planting in this farmyard garden is playful. In addition to the rural woodlands and Hawthorn hedges, we designed richly flowering perennial borders next to and around the pool. For the evergreen image, the various Rhododendrons present have been regrouped, thus giving structure to the space even in winter.

Outdoor lighting
The outdoor lighting can be called subtle and completely tailored to the atmosphere of the garden. Indirect spotlights and fixtures, combined with the pool lighting ensure that the garden is always beautifully lit.

A unique place
All in all, this garden can truly be called a unique place. Imagine this: sitting on the terrace, the evening sun sinks over the ash tree, deer can be seen in the garden and owls can be heard. Even birds of prey were spotted during the construction of the garden, our gardeners feasted their eyes during this wonderful project.

Parasol: Tuuci

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