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With its head in the (green) clouds

“Experience the better outdoors,” is the slogan of Wassenaar-Voorschoten. The motto fits perfectly with this garden design by Noël van Mierlo. The detached house in a quiet neighborhood in Voorschoten has a beautiful, abundant green garden. To build the swimming pond, surrounding plantings and terraces, Groenregie rolled up its sleeves. With expertise and plenty of gusto – this is right up our alley!

Deliciously hidden among the trees

In Voorschoten you will find masses of natural beauty and water wealth. The look and feel of this spacious garden in an upscale area of the community matches that perfectly. Large volumes of greenery in various heights, shades and textures create a mature feel. You almost imagine yourself in a forest. The dense vegetation also guarantees privacy amidst an exuberant natural spectacle. There is a dynamism in this garden that moves with the rhythm of the seasons.

A streak of blue in a sea of green

The water feature is a natural swimming pond – the perfect choice in this setting. Because the water is organically purified, it feels like a gentle caress on your skin. Just ask the residents and their four-legged friends (a Portuguese water dog, what else?) who splash and swim in it. The rectangular format of the pond is a nice contrast to the organic shapes around it. The terraces are constructed with decking or in floored concrete, robust materials that emphasize the natural character of the design. The different levels and seemingly floating structures look captivating and a touch playful. This is not a “show garden” but a place of pleasure. And still the pinnacle of biodiversity too.

Natural result, expertly realized

In addition to pond plants that naturally filter and clean the water, numerous other plants and trees, ornamental grasses and flowers stand out. We see large groups of flowering rhododendrons, clouds of yews, Japanese maples and character trees that ensure shade, coolness and shelter. In between, generous grassy areas for romping or wandering. Here and there are old mooring poles that, with their rugged looks, fit perfectly into this setting.

This design exudes the typical van Mierlo signature: outdoor spaces to live in and experience to the fullest. With great attention to the spirit of the place and the wishes of the residents. The flawless realization by Groenregie is the icing on the cake. Make no mistake: even behind a garden that looks natural, there is quite a bit of skilled intervention.

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