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Worked out to the finest detail

What a picture, it looks like a resort! But no, in Velp, Gelderland, Hendriks Hoveniers was allowed to build this garden in cooperation with Studio Kees Marcelis.

The residents’ wish was a pool with pool house. To incorporate these wishes, the residents contacted Studio Kees Marcelis. Starting with the sketch plan, we were allowed to work with Hendriks Hoveniers on the materialization and detailing of the garden design. The result! An amazing wellness garden under high architecture and finishing. The pool house with full bar and fireplace is detailed to the last detail. The pool and pool house is equipped with the latest in energy technology and also finished with the most durable materials.

The style of the front yard has been retained so that the character of not only the house but also the entire street remains intact. No flashy modern front yard in this chic street with old stylish villas with character. From earlier times, Belgian resin has been used extensively around the house. We brought this back by resurfacing the garden paths and partly the terraces with old tiles in the same style. A key issue was to block the view into the flats behind as much as possible, in order to create an enclosed feeling. With the right way of applying greenery, you block views and accentuate vistas to add an extra tension to the landscaping. By strategically planting 2 large evergreen Pinus trees, the view into the apartment buildings was much reduced. A framework of evergreen hedges, lawn and cloud hedges give a warm and secure feeling even in winter. A few flowery sections planted with a cocktail of grasses and an explosion of flowering perennials, ensure that these borders provide a varied look and experience in the garden each season. The combination between the greenery with some architectural garden walls, flower pots and the wellness of a pool with outdoor shower make this picture truly unique.

To fully enjoy the garden with its exclusive pool and pool house, Barbara’s Garden provided the finishing touches. The high-quality garden furniture by Royal Botania and TribĂș is combined in style with some flower pots by Atelier Square.

Garden design: Hendriks Hoveniers

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