Looking back: 2021

Looking back: 2021

What has 2021 taught us about housing? We look back for a moment to learn from it.

New living enjoyment

March 2020, overnight we were all inside. 2021 shows that it will take longer than we thought. We now work, learn and relax mostly at home. With the vacation money in your pocket, you look at your home in a different way. Remodel? Now or never! New living pleasure: more light, more space, more atmosphere through slim steel doors and frames. There are endless possibilities and so many advantages….

Sound Comfort

A pleasant sound level contributes to making your home cozy. Acoustic glass can provide significant noise reduction. Together with special, very slim steel profiles with rubbers, you separate both spaces and sound. Talking and eating together in a low-noise environment is a pleasure and good for your digestion. At the same time, other family members on the other side can fully enjoy the thrill of an exciting movie or game.

Home office

Working from home has also proven itself in 2021. ‘We both work at home now’ or ‘I always worked at home but now the kids do too’. There is a need for a comfortable workplace. With a custom-made steel façade, you transform a dull space into a luxurious home-office. The ideal place to have an online meeting undisturbed. Concentrated work is now no longer a problem. The only danger is forgetting your breaks.

Look Ahead

In the car, you don’t constantly look in your mirrors either. Keep your eyes on the road! The theme of “Housing” will be challenging and interesting in the coming year. The current tight housing market does not make it easy to get a new home. Consider moving into your own home. Fall in love with your own home again. With slim steel doors and frames in your home, everything looks different. In the blog item Trends 2022, we name some movements that stand out to us. In terms of colors, materials and also design, we see different creative choices being made. We’ll keep you posted.

Everything you need

We set the bar high. Our solutions are timeless, eye-catchers that you never get tired of. To that end, we go to great lengths every day with a close-knit craft team that is always looking to innovate. Let’s meet! You can easily schedule an appointment online through the site at a time that is convenient for you.

Naftali Leidelmeijer, Exclusive Steel

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