Looking inside German villa with JASNO blinds in every room

Looking inside German villa with JASNO blinds in every room

Not only do luxurious shutters give a big upgrade to the interior, wooden blinds (Venetian blinds) also have such a great effect. Near Frankfurt in the German town of Langen, our photo shoot for the German interior design magazine Stilvoll Wohnen took place. The charming villa, which was fully decorated with JASNO blinds by partner MySweetHome had its picture taken beautifully by none other than interior photographer Tom Bendix.

A harmonious, elegant and above all light interior
The tall ornamental grasses with flower spikes at the entrance give a charming entrance to the whiter-than-white villa. Inside the home is pleasantly bright because of the large windows and the neutral color tones used. An exciting mix of industrial flair, natural details and high-quality materials give the interior a special touch.

High-quality blinds in any room
The residents chose JASNO blinds for all areas of the house, creating a harmonious whole. The attractive blinds with wooden slats with privacy version / with ladder cord provide an outstanding interior finish. They subtly add a stylish look to any room. The light wood type with subtle grain gives the blinds an exclusive look.

Because of the busy family life, the residents sought a timeless, elegant interior that exudes a pleasant tranquility. This is where high-quality blinds fit perfectly, as they add a natural and airy elegance to the room.

Wooden blinds also in the bathroom
Blinds also come into their own perfectly in the bathroom. In this humid space, privacy plays a big role. The blinds are easily adjusted to the right position via the control cords so that enough light streams in, but privacy from outside is prevented. Still, of course, the eye wants something too. Then you’re definitely in the right place with wooden blinds from JASNO. You quickly transform the bathroom into a luxurious spa. Some candles lit and voila!

If you have any doubts about the combination of water and wooden blinds? Not to worry, JASNO’s wooden blinds are finished with a scratch-resistant, moisture- and Uv-resistant furniture lacquer, making them great for damp rooms such as a kitchen or bathroom.

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