Masterful cooking with steam

Masterful cooking with steam

Many know Gaggenau for its statement appliances with the professional, avant-garde look, made from the finest materials. What many people don’t know is that Gaggenau is a true pioneer in steaming. The brand was the first to introduce a steam oven for the home kitchen in 1999, and since then they have continued to refine and expand the technology.

By now, many households have discovered the steam oven or combi steamer, which is not surprising. Because the nutritional value, flavor, weight and structure of the food are retained better than in ordinary cooking – meat remains tender and fish does not fall apart. It is also healthier and lighter because there is no need to add salt or fat. Also, a meal can very well be defrosted or reheated with steam, after which it tastes like freshly prepared as opposed to a meal reheated in the microwave. Steam ovens are energy efficient to use and easy to maintain, all thanks to the automatic cleaning feature introduced by Gaggenau in 2015.

Many possibilities
The new generation of combi-steam ovens from Gaggenau is ingeniously designed and offers many features thanks to innovations such as automatic programs for culinary assistance, an intuitive control screen and an oven door that opens at the touch of the display. The advanced core temperature gauge included as standard ensures that your dish is always perfectly cooked. In a combi steam oven, you can also cook your pizza, casserole, pie or bread perfectly, including crispy crust. Indeed, the combination of steam and traditional hot air or grill allows you to stew, grill, au gratin, regenerate, dry and even sous-vide cooking in addition to steaming. Sous-vide is a vacuum cooking technique that is widely used in professional kitchens, and may become your favorite preparation when you additionally choose a Gaggenau vacuum drawer, in line with the oven of your choice.

See how to bake bread with your combi steam oven, like this focaccia with garlic and rosemary.

‘Hey Google’
Whether you choose the imposing 400 series or the more modest 200 series, all new combi steam ovens can be supplied with a connection to the fixed water supply and drain, making the ovens even more user-friendly. Fixed-connection combi steam ovens have a unique feature that removes a lot of steam and odor at the end of the cooking process. Therefore, when opening the door, virtually no steam is released. All ovens feature Home Connect, which allows you to monitor and control your oven remotely. Do you have Google Home? Then you can connect it and use your voice to command it to turn on the oven in advance, for example. These many extras ensure that Gaggenau’s combi steam ovens are not only pleasing to the eye, but also a joy to use.

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