Maximize garden enjoyment this spring with smart in-lite outdoor lighting

Maximize garden enjoyment this spring with smart in-lite outdoor lighting

Light plays a crucial role in creating atmosphere and is essential to making the most of spaces. As we live more and more in and around the house, the need for quality outdoor lighting is growing. With smart in-lite lighting, you ensure that you can enjoy all the beauty your garden has to offer for longer at night. Also enjoying in-lite in the garden? We’ll help you get started.

Installing yourself, or having it installed
in-lite offers a high-quality 12V system based on a transformer and ground cable to which fixtures can be connected. The easy-to-use system has been used by garden contractors and landscapers for more than 20 years and can also be constructed by individuals with two right hands. The range includes more than 80 fixtures for all kinds of garden applications. in-lite lighting is available at selected retail outlets and through licensed garden professionals who can install the system in the garden.

Determine sight lines and elements to illuminate
Often a garden is designed or laid out for an optimal daytime experience. Here, sightlines play a crucial role. To enjoy your garden to its fullest even at night, creating a lighting plan is the first step toward a beautifully lit garden. The easiest way to do this is to hire a professional to make it, but this is also great to do yourself. When designing a lighting plan, start from the point from which you actually see the garden the most. Often this is from the living room and from the terrace. Next, determine the elements that can be illuminated.

Choose the right transformer
Once the sightlines and key elements in the garden have been mapped out, it’s time to choose a transformer. There are three transformers in the range. The HUB-50, the HUB-100 and the SMART HUB-150. Every in-lite fixture has a VA value. Adding these values together determines which transformer you need. HUB-50 is up to 50 VA lighting, HUB-100 is up to 100 VA lighting and the SMART HUB-150 is there for up to 150 VA lighting.

Make your lighting smart
With the SMART HUB-150 transformer, you can control all lighting in the garden with a convenient smartphone app. Are you going to build the system yourself? Then determine the position where the SMART HUB-150 will be mounted and make a cable plan. Calculate the distance needed to lay ground cables to the desired lighting points in the garden. The SMART HUB-150 has three cable outputs to create three separately controllable zones. You can also branch off with a CC-2 cable connector if necessary, as long as you stay under the prescribed cable length.

Choose the right fixtures and lighting solutions
in-lite offers a particularly wide range of fixtures and lighting solutions. For every possible spot in the garden, in-lite has a suitable fixture. From wall lights for walls and fences to integrated spotlights for decking and tiles. Use the in-lite Product Advisor to find the best lighting solutions for the elements in your garden. Prefer personal advice? Visit an in-lite Experience Shop or inquire with your landscaper or garden contractor.

The final step: laying out ground cables and connecting the fixtures
Route ground cables through the garden along all points where lighting will be installed. You can then mount the selected fixtures on the cable with an Easy-Lock cable connector provided. Clamp the Easy-Lock onto the ground cable, connect the fixture’s connector to the Easy-Lock and verify that the lights are working by turning on the transformer. Work all Easy-Locks away and enjoy a beautifully lit in-lite garden at night.

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