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Maximum modular frames

Maximum modular frames

Combinations infinite
With 1.3 billion possible combinations, Finstral has the most diverse range of window frames in the industry. All window frame profiles are basically made with a plastic core. Because of this thermally insulated core, we produce high-quality window frames with excellent insulation values. Whether it is plastic or aluminum window frames, either way this core makes our insulation values excellent.

Because performance is the same with plastic or aluminum, a door opens to a world where you can configure your window frame to your heart's content. With the materials aluminum, plastic, wood, ForRes (recycled PVC with rice husks) and enameled glass, you can assemble your window frame completely as you wish.

Now with our own Finstral plastic frame template
To offer our frames completely complete and to create maximum airtightness, we introduce our plastic frame FIN-Fix. For all of our frame profiles, we have matching set frames that we can use in new construction. In addition to the highest airtightness rating, an additional advantage is that window frames can be mounted easily and without damage to window frames after shell construction.

Large production capacity
Finstral develops and manufactures window, door and conservatory systems in 14 production facilities. Every year we produce about 800,000 frames for the most diverse situations in Europe, both for new construction and renovation.

In-house aluminum coating and woodworking
As one of the few window frame manufacturers, Finstral has had its own aluminum coating facility at its factory in Borgo Valsugana in Trentino since 2019. Up to twelve kilometers of profiles can be powder coated here every day - energy-efficiently and in the highest quality certified to Qualicoat Seaside. In addition, Finstral has an entirely in-house woodworking process for the inside of the window frame.

Own glass production
Because of our own tempering furnaces and glass productions, we can also produce more than 200 different varieties with glass. Double glass, Triple glass, solar control, laminated, tempered, enamel and ornamental glass. And, of course, combinations again. Thus, we quickly produce up to 250 different types of panes. In fact, in italy we are the largest glass producer

Certified quality with declaration of performance (DoP)
Not for nothing is Finstral the most certified window frame manufacturer in Europe. From environmental management to frame performance to assembly. Everything is certified. You will therefore receive a CE marked declaration of performance or Declaration of Performance upon purchase.

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