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Meet Chicplants

Meet Chicplants

Exclusive plants from our own nursery

Chicplants stands for quality greenery: beautiful and exclusive plants shipped from our own nursery, our own Collection Convertible pots, and on top of that we deliver top service. At Chicplants, you can arrange individual plants as well as individual pots and ready-made combinations of plant and pot. An exclusive plant in a beautiful pot is no problem for us to deliver and therefore you have come to the right place for Full office planting!

How we work

A unique experience

It begins with an introduction. Your wishes, location and budget are topics we discuss. Our advice for office planting is always customized. In fact, in addition to the previous points, choosing the right plants depends on the amount of (sun) light and shade, and this is different in every situation.

Prior to consulting, we always make a site visit. In doing so, we obviously take into account your budget and preferences. In addition to choosing plants, taking into account humidity and other important factors, we like to think about appearance. This way, it will be a true overall picture.

The project

That sounds like a plan(s)

After visiting the site, there is a clear picture of the project. The best plants will be selected for the site(s). We offer the opportunity to choose the plants yourself in our greenhouse. This in itself is a unique experience. The next step is to draft and discuss the proposal. In this we include delivery, potting the plants on site and maintenance, if desired. Living plants cannot live without water. It is important that maintenance be done structurally. Chicplants provides the total package in this. This way you are unburdened and can enjoy green plants all year round.

In this way, we can offer a unique experience that continues to grow. We accomplish this with our expert advice and high quality plants and pots. With our own nurseries both in the Netherlands and abroad, our clients are always assured of quality plantings.

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