Meet the most luxurious oak herringbone floor

Meet the most luxurious oak herringbone floor

You can’t ignore the popularity of herringbone floors anymore. You see them everywhere. And as far as we are concerned, with good reason. After all, they are just as beautiful in a modern apartment as they are in a rustic farmhouse. Yet there is one type of floor that takes the crown in terms of luxurious appearance: the slimbone herringbone floor. Does that name mean nothing to you now? High time to get acquainted.

Slimbone: a herringbone floor 2.0

Herringbone floors are instantly recognizable by their distinctive pattern. The planks are angled and perpendicular to each other, also called stepped. Originating in 1500s Italy, herringbone was mainly laid in castles and mansions. Now, centuries later, the pattern has stood the test of time. With its timeless character, traditional herringbone floors are a great addition to today’s diverse interiors.

Wood flooring specialist Dutzfloors goes one step further with its slimbone herringbone floors. The planks of this luxury oak herringbone floor are narrower and longer than standard herringbone floors. They are as much as 71 or 78 centimeters long and 7 centimeters wide. The result is stunning: the 7:1 ratio makes the elegant herringbone pattern stand out even more in your interior. The classic ensemble exudes ultimate luxury.

Luxury oak herringbone floor, made for your interior

A luxury oak herringbone floor that looks exactly how you want it? At Dutzfloors, customization is the standard. Each floor is one-of-a-kind. This is partly because of the many operations possible with oak.

Looking for a slimbone floor with lots of character? Aging makes even the newest floor look lived-in. It is as if the luxurious floor came straight from 16th-century Italy. Another popular operation is smoking. This makes one floor section darker than the other. That variety gives your interior more depth and adds character.

A truly luxurious oak herringbone floor can be recognized by a band and piping. A band is the wooden edge between the wall and the floor. In the case of slimbone, the band is 7 inches wide. A piping is the dark, thin edge between the band and the floor itself. With this luxurious detail, you emphasize the shapes of the room.

European oak from responsibly managed forests

Herringbone floors from Dutzfloors are made from European oak. This high-quality wood is extremely strong and meant to live on. It can take a beating and comes from responsibly managed forests. The professionals at Dutzfloors process the wood into beautiful floors in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Slimbone herringbone floors from Dutzfloors consist of solid oak. The narrow, long planks are 9 millimeters thick and are placed on mosaic or chipboard. This work requires craftsmanship, because a different board affects how the whole thing looks. Fortunately, the experienced parquet installers at Dutzfloors know exactly what they’re doing. Is there an awkward corner in the room? Are there any other unforeseen problems? With more than 30 years of experience, these craftsmen lay your luxury oak herringbone floor amazingly.

Luxury oak herringbone floor with underfloor heating

Comfortable living starts with the ground. A luxurious oak herringbone floor not only looks beautiful, but also feels comfortable on your feet. Combine that with underfloor heating and your living comfort reaches unprecedented heights. European oak retains heat well and remains at a comfortable temperature for a while even after the heater is off.

All herringbone floors from Dutzfloors can be laid in combination with underfloor heating. Thanks in part to the local drying process, the wood does not expand or warp. This luxurious oak herringbone floor is a keeper – you’ll never want anything else.

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