MH Bronkhorst: Innovative and collaborative in mechanical woodworking

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In 37 years, Machinale Houtbewerking Bronkhorst has grown from a one-man business to a factory (workshop) where frames, stairs and other carpentry for new construction, rebuilding, renovation and restoration are made. The company distinguishes itself by offering a wide range of services, not shying away from challenges and presenting itself as a partner who thinks with you and solves problems. MH Bronkhorst operates mainly in the middle and upper segments of the market.

Sustainability is important to MH Bronkhorst. The company pays attention to the sustainability labels of materials (FSC and PEFC) and generates much of its own electricity with 500 solar panels. Collaboration with architects, interior designers and landscape architects is common and leads to a unique vision for projects.

In order to deliver each project on time and on budget, while maintaining the highest standards of quality, pre-calculation and quotations are provided and clients are notified in advance of any price implications of changes. The company produces 3-D drawings and provides Mock-ups or trial samples as required by the customer.

MH Bronkhorst is constantly innovating, both in production methods and in machines and tools to make the work less physically demanding. The company has a lot of experience and can empathize with the end user’s needs. Nothing is impossible and a solution is always found that satisfies both aesthetically and technically and ease of use.

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MH Bronkhorst is the best choice for people considering building a high-end home because the company empathizes with the end user and her needs. The company speaks their language, always keeps communication open and transparent and always finds a solution that satisfies aesthetically, technically and in terms of ease of use. Therefore, MH Bronkhorst’s advice to people who want to build a high-end home is: choose quality and customization, choose MH Bronkhorst.

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