Midnight Blue by Nilson Beds

Midnight Blue by Nilson Beds

Nilson Beds presents stylish blue ensemble by Wolterinck Design

“Blue is the world’s favorite color,” a color expert once declared. Nilson Beds also chose this “all time favorite” to carry out its new showroom presentation. The new presentation involves a combination of two headboards that together create a completely new and surprising image. Headboard Marseille is finished in a deep glossy velour and is “embraced” by headboard Menton, which is upholstered in gray-blue nubuck leather.

Menton and Marseille were both designed by Wolterinck Design and named after southern French port towns. “A good design is characterized by simplicity and is timeless,” says Nilson founder Rijndert Fluit. ‘When you execute a timeless design in fabrics and colors of today, it moves with the times. For the new season, we chose rich, natural materials in contemporary shades of blue.’

Beauty of simplicity
‘Placing these two headboards back to back really makes a statement in the bedroom. In addition, the combination of two different fabrics creates a sophisticated effect. We love working with designers like Marcel Wolterinck. They share our passion for timeless design and high quality down to the smallest details. And using natural materials as much as possible.

The box spring beds, like headboard Marseille, are upholstered in blue velour. The bed is styled with glossy Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases in fresh ice blue. An airy linen bedspread in steel blue, draped on the footboard, provides the finishing touch.

This timeless Nilson bed effortlessly adapts to a variety of living styles. Whether one chooses boudoir chic, cool vintage or minimalist. Furnished with the right wall and window coverings, flooring, bedroom furniture, lighting and accessories creates the desired atmosphere.

About Nilson Beds
Nilson Beds is a Dutch company that has specialized in high-quality sleep comfort for 15 years. All beds are custom-made from the best (natural) materials, designed by top designers. The beds are produced by hand in the Netherlands. Nilson offers a unique concept through a complete collection of accessories such as headboards, furniture, bedding and linens. The target audience includes customers from home and abroad: interior designers, hotels and individuals.

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