Minimal windows

Minimal windows

Purged forms, a play of symmetry versus asymmetry. The thirst for elegance and functionality. Even within contemporary architecture, people are still exploring how to work with fine materials that are functionally top-notch. Minimal windows are no longer a niche product, but are stylishly applied in a timeless renovation or new construction project, and every respected window and door supplier today has a semi-minimal or (true) minimal window system within its collection.

Minimal window vs semi-minimal

Back to the point for a moment. Minimal windows are born from the same family: engineers and designers who have focused exclusively on designing minimal profiles that provide frameless views and maximize light penetration.

Their goal: design perfect symmetry while using as narrow a frame as possible, creating the illusion that the glass runs all the way through. The finer, the better because the more glass you see, the greater your view is and the more the inside and outside become one. Subsequently, several established values in the manufacture of aluminum profiles jumped on the same bandwagon, resulting in a nice growth in the offer of minimal and semi-minimal windows today.

There are some characteristics that are commonly used to distinguish a minimal window (english hyline) from a semi-minimal window (english slimslide). First, a minimal window strives for an uninterrupted view and the narrowest profile possible. Whereas traditional sliding windows have a profile thickness between 80 to 100 mm, a minimal window has a profile of no more than 30 mm. Among these is another whole group of semi-minimal windows that have a profile thickness of 30 to 70 mm. The center post of a minimal window also has as narrow a dimension as possible (max 30 mm). In many semi-minimal windows, the center posts have a slim dimension but do not extend into the frame, creating a wider frame.

The narrowest profile currently available has a dimension of all around and center post 18 mm (english hyline). In theory, the frame could be developed even finer, but then the spacer (usually black) and the silicone between the glass become visible. As a result, you cannot speak of an uninterrupted view.

In addition to the narrowest possible frame, it is also important that the fixed frame can be completely concealed in the floor, walls and ceiling to achieve the cleanest possible result.

Technological innovations

The narrow dimensions of the center post and frame have made some developers of minimal windows question the traditional technique of sliding. For example, there is a large group of (e.g., english hyline) suppliers who choose to attach the wheels not under the wing, but under the frame3. The big advantage over the wheels under the wing? The presence of a large number of wheels under the glass allows you to effortlessly slide the sliding sash open and closed. Even with wear and tear on one of the wheels. With problems at the wheels, it costs

So little effort to replace the wheels. You only need to slide the wing open, to get at the wheels in the frame and thus not remove the entire wing from the fixed frame. Due to the large number of wheels, there is also a better distribution of weight over the number of wheels, so there are no restrictions in the size of the glass area4. And of course, the even distribution of glass weight also has a positive effect on the ease of opening and closing the window.

English hyline

With hyline, english can offer a minimal window to the private and professional market. This premium sliding system is currently the narrowest aluminum profile available in Belgium. The english hyline stands out not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of discretion and elegance. For enthusiasts, it can also be equipped with functional accessories that do not interfere with its minimalist features.

The profile of this aluminum sliding system was reduced to a minimum face width of 18 mm and a center post that is also 18 mm wide. This creates the optical illusion of a frameless window where the focus is on the glass. The transition of interior and exterior seems to flow smoothly together. The slim frame is fully recessed, making this profile flexible for use in both renovation and new construction projects. The structure allows screens, slats or blackout curtains to be integrated between the glass. So again, the view is not interrupted by additional accessories. Additional options such as mosquito screens are also available. In turn, these too are fully integrated and therefore invisible.

The aluminum profile challenges both architect and builder to work with large glass areas up to more than 4m in height and with unprecedented surface area. Even then the english hyline is able to give you fine acoustic and thermal insulation. The optional electromagnetic lock provides additional security as well as control and ease of use. The integrated locks can also be personalized to create a perfect coherence of the english hyline system and architecture.

The aluminum sliding window provides maximum light and creates pleasant brightness in living spaces. It can be seamlessly incorporated into the floor, allowing exterior and interior to blend together beautifully. You have no visual or physical obstacles. Due to the smart design of the sill, the rails will not become gathering places for dust or dead leaves. Nice detail: the rails are 8 mm wide, so narrower than the average heel of a women’s shoe, which also minimizes the danger of tripping. Details make the design.

In addition to the sliding system, we also have the provision to use the same profile to design a pivot door. This pivot door can reach up to 350 kg while being fully integrated into the landscape. For even more extreme dimensions, we developed the HYPI Steel that goes up to 700 kg per door leaf and with a glass area of up to 18 m2. The hinges and hardware are fully recessed which provides a discreet and elegant flat appearance. A meticulous and exclusive finish gives you the freedom to choose a personalized finish that can be perfectly integrated into your construction or renovation project.

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