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Molteni|Dada Netherlands – by Studio Sander van Hooydonk

Molteni|Dada Netherlands – by Studio Sander van Hooydonk

In October 2020, interior designer Sander van Hooydonk will open the doors of the first Molteni| Dada monobrand store in the Netherlands. This makes him the first to work with Dada and Molteni as a monobrand partner. The young, ambitious and creative company specializes in the design of high-quality interior design projects, setting as its goal in each project the creation of comfortable interiors with the most stunning aesthetics. Sander describes his design style as understated, luxurious and sophisticated. Studio SVH shares its spacious showroom with Sjartec. The family business that specializes in designing exclusive bathrooms and spa spaces.

Sander Van Hooydonk (1993) studied interior architecture in Rotterdam and Ghent, Belgium, and since graduating has worked at Robert van Oosterom's renowned interior studio in Rotterdam, where he increased his knowledge of products and materials, built up a versatile portfolio and grew his network. During a conversation between an agent of Dada Kitchens and Sander van Hooydonk at the 2019 Salone del Mobile furniture fair organized in Milan, the seed was planted that led to the start of setting up the Molteni|Dada monobrand store.

"Dada Kitchens was looking for a party they wanted to work with exclusively in the Netherlands, and I wanted to pursue my dream of starting for myself. In the end, several conversations led to where we are today," Sander explains. He continues: "The style of Dada and Molteni - they recently formed one brand name - appeals to me enormously. They see that a kitchen is more than just a place to cook. It is increasingly an important, if not the most important place in the home. This is where people work, live, cook, talk. You name it. So it is important that the kitchen, as a central element in the home, can also "blend" well with the rest of the interior. This succeeds because the necessary materials, details and techniques are used by both brands and can therefore blend seamlessly. Especially since renowned Belgian designer Vincent Van Duysen became Creative Director of the family business, Molteni|Dada's creations offer a special blend between rich Italian design and a touch of Northern European minimalism. A style that, as an interior designer, I feel very comfortable with. We are therefore honored to work with these two top international brands."

Cross-pollination Studio SVH and Sjartec
Another top company that Studio SVH will be working closely with is Sjartec. Neighbor of his 260-square-foot showroom. "Our attractively decorated studio and showroom flows into Sjartec's. We are both convinced that we can strengthen each other. Clients who sit me down, I take them to Sjartec if they are looking for a quality and stylish bathroom, plumbing or wellness facilities. Conversely, that happens when clients of Sjartec want a new kitchen and/or are looking for an interior designer to design their dream interior. An ideal situation for clients with large (re)construction plans, because here they find expertise, craftsmanship and quality products under one roof and it is possible to create a complete and luxurious interior," Sander explains. In closing, the creative designer adds that he also works with Italian lighting brand Viabizzuno. "For me, lighting is the basis of an interior. Without good lighting, the interior never comes into its own as it was intended. Viabizzuno may be unknown to the general public, but most architects are undoubtedly familiar with the progressive brand led by Mario Nanni. He integrates light into architecture in an extraordinary way. This cannot be compared to any other collection."

Molteni|Dada by studio Sander van Hooydonk
Flevoweg 2D, Leiden

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