New construction house bought and now what?

New construction house bought and now what?

“Is that part of the living room where the pipes are now sticking out of the concrete really the most practical and best place to create our kitchen?”

We regularly receive clients in our studio who had a different idea when their new home was completed. We find that many buyers do not realize that when they have bought a shell house they not only have to choose a kitchen and bathroom but there are many more decisions to be made that they have not thought about at all. Then when the time comes and the house is delivered, they find out (too late) that there are still legions of decisions to be made about layout, lighting, electricity, materials, doors, tiles and the like. Subjects that most people have never had to deal with before, let alone be able or willing to make a proper decision about. In construction, standard setups are done and that is just the missed opportunity to really make the house a dream home that is beautiful and functional. And therein lies the strength of Sies Home Interior design! We provide a well thought out interior where all elements are properly matched. Where everything has been thought of so that the interior gives optimal comfort and experience.

We believe that the kitchen is the central place in the home where joy, domesticity, peace and coziness are the focus. A good kitchen has charisma and character of its own, tailored to meet all requirements. People often think that a custom-made kitchen is many times more expensive than a standard one, however, this is not the case. Especially the personal aspect, how does one want to use the kitchen? Do we consider very important. We want to taste the atmosphere, meet the people, probe the feeling, see the light, know the family composition, learn about everyone’s interests and hear the heart beating. This is how the perfect kitchens are created in collaboration with our team of furniture makers.

Beyond the kitchen, there are other aspects we run into with a shell house. For example, a fireplace situated opposite the French doors, while it is considered unpleasant to sit with the back to a door. An incomplete and ill-considered lighting plan, little or no storage space, the standard fitted bathroom, no connecting features for bedroom, walk in and bathroom.

In cooperation with the client, we ensure that a beautiful solution is devised for all these points. Beyond these technical aspects, we can also provide a complete furnishing plan in which we suggest atmosphere, furnishings, upholstery and color. This way, realizing your dream home becomes a lot less complicated.

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