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New design KLM tower by Wolterinck

New design KLM tower by Wolterinck

The iconic KLM houses have been a beloved collector's item for many years. Even among the most seasoned business travelers, it is a sport to get both canal house No. 1 and the Delft blue Tuschinski theater. But then? Then miniature houses often await a sad fate: they disappear to a ledge in the kitchen or are left to gather dust in a guest room. Now what if there were a wonderful storage place for the cottages: compact, executed in high-quality materials and from the hand of one of Holland's most creative designers?

Meet the KLM Tower by Marcel Wolterinck. A sleekly designed gathering place for the porcelain minis, consisting of a pedestal of travertine and a perfectly proportioned superstructure of Plexiglas, which is rock solid and crystal clear. The KLM tower gives the cottages the place they deserve and makes the collection a unique art object.

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