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New: Pareti Naturali

New: Pareti Naturali

Pareti Naturali is a unique, robust and elegant product that instantly adds a wow factor to your wall or facade. The variety of types and finishes makes the Pareti Naturali collection suitable for every taste. Pareti Naturali is optimally applicable both indoors and outdoors.

It is easier to install Pareti Naturali than natural stone. In fact, it can be incorporated on an existing wall. The most important thing to know is that the placement depends on the material on which you will apply the stone, and also on whether you have chosen Pareti Naturali with or without grout.

For installing Pareti Naturali products, we recommend Pareti Naturali's special glue and grouting materials. You can find them among our processing products.

Insulating and practical
Not only does this stone also provide thermal and sound insulation, it improves the energy efficiency of your home, provides even better results from sustainable homes and contributes to reduced air emissions.

Pareti Naturali is inspired by nature. The loss of raw materials in making them is reduced and natural resources preserved. Finally, the materials used to compose the material are 100% recyclable as they can be endlessly transformed. Transportation of these bricks is also optimized to reduce the carbon footprint. All this makes Pareti Naturali a sustainable and responsible choice.

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