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A new line from premium and luxury kitchen brand SieMatic will premiere at the EuroCucina 2022 international home exhibition in Milan. The SieMatic showroom in Monte Santo, near the city center in Milan, is being transformed into a stage for the new style world “SieMatic Mondial. A kitchen style that caters to the new luxury segment.

Premiere EuroCucina 2022
Kitchen specialists, journalists and interior design enthusiasts are invited by SieMatic this weekend to experience this new style world at the EuroCucina 2022 / Salone del Mobile international home exhibition in Milan. A world that, with its visionary design language based on geometric shapes and expressive materials, offers an inspiring glimpse into the future of the new luxury.

FTK (Technology For the Kitchen)
This takes place during the 23rd edition of the EuroCucina fair. During this housing fair, 82 companies, on 16,000 m2, show the latest trends and developments related to innovation, efficiency and sustainability. The fair consists of several side events, including FTK (Technology For the Kitchen). This is the main showcase for the evolution of kitchens. The perfect time for SieMatic to make its world premiere with its new concept.

The new luxury
Luxury has long ceased to be only about the finest cars, designer bags or a villa on the Côte d’Azur. With increasing prosperity, innovations and connectivity, more and more people have access to luxury. It’s just no longer about “what I have,” but more about “who I am.” A good example of this is the large (increasing) number of influencers.

This changing, evolving world of luxury has moved SieMatic kitchens to develop a new style world: SieMatic Mondial. This is derived from the French “Le Monde” (the world). Derived from the building and lifestyle that is evolving worldwide. This one is very luxurious and sublime, revolving around high quality and craftsmanship.

Style World SieMatic Mondial
The new “luxury” consumer is setting the bar higher and higher; this is reflected in the choices they make. They want to be inspired and emotionally attracted. As the world of luxury has changed, SieMatic has developed a new kitchen concept that meets this need: the contemporary luxury kitchen.

SieMatic has translated this into the new style world “SieMatic Mondial. A world where geometry, expression and cultural value are central. This results in a unique kitchen with subtle round shapes, luxurious glass cabinets and filigree aluminum frames. With bold colors and materials, combined with simplicity and sensuality. The fascinating interplay gives the kitchen a stunning presence while allowing it to blend into the surrounding architecture.

The geometric shapes represent simplicity and simplicity and this is combined with expressive materials that represent opulence/wealth. Through the combination and interplay of shapes, materials and color, you create an elegant and understated space where the kitchen is beautifully displayed.

Product Innovations
In this new lifestyle are many innovative and novel product changes:

  • Door style: it is designed with frame and fine faceted structure. It is available for the lower and upper cabinet in three different veneer colors.
  • Handles: these are geometric and sculptural. Available in two different colors.
  • Monoblock island: an island enveloped on all four sides with three centimeters thick natural stone from StoneDesign. The panels are on the floor making it look like a stone block. StoneDesign’s island is available in three different colors and in depths up to 110 centimeters.
  • Round table: a work surface in sandwich construction, available in the three StoneDesign colors. The substructure and pillar are available in the three types of veneer colors and available in diameters from 145 to 165 centimeters.
  • Oval worktop: a worktop in sandwich construction with a self-supporting table top in the shape of a semicircle, with a diameter of up to 105 centimeters. This worktop is available in all three StoneDesign colors.
  • Glass display cabinets with fluted glass: these are display cabinets from the SieMatic SLX line with closely spaced parallel grooves.

Discover all the style worlds
SieMatic has been at the absolute top of the international kitchen market for decades. They have won several awards with their innovative kitchen concepts and interior systems. Currently, in addition to SieMatic Mondial, SieMatic has four more different style worlds. Take a look at the style worlds Urban, Pure, Classic and SLX and find out which style suits you!

SieMatic kitchen price
Just what does a SieMatic kitchen cost? This is difficult to answer. A kitchen consists of many parts from different suppliers, for each part you make the choice of who and how it looks. The choices of materials and brands ultimately determine what the kitchen will cost. Even though a setup remains completely the same, different choices can make a big difference in price. Therefore, it is important that you set a budget in advance so that our consultants can design your dream kitchen within the set budget. Want to read more about what a kitchen costs? You can do so here.

Buy SieMatic Mondial kitchen?
Want to buy a SieMatic Mondial kitchen? The samples can be seen from mid-September 2022 and we are one of the first in the Netherlands to start selling it. This will be from October 2022. Feel free to contact us without obligation or come visit one of our showrooms and see all the options and combinations with your own eyes! Or get started with our online mood board tool; the perfect basis for an initial consultation with one of our advisors.

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