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Nilson Beds presents new bed Sea by Wolterinck

Nilson Beds presents new bed Sea by Wolterinck

Imposing and minimalist with rounded shapes

BARNEVELD - Nilson Beds presents its newest bed with the poetic name Sea. The design was developed by Wolterinck Design Studio. Every six months, Nilson renews its collection responding to current trends. Sea stands out for its imposing and minimalist design and timeless character.

"Interiors are getting tighter but natural materials, colors and shapes remain the ultimate source of inspiration," said Nilson founder Rijndert Fluit, "no fashion trend can beat that. That is also what binds us to designers like Marcel Wolterinck. Our passion for natural materials, timeless design and high-quality down to the smallest details."

Rest Point
"We still consider making a bed a craft. Our beds are therefore completely handmade. First and foremost, a bed must be comfortable and functional. After all, a good night's sleep is the basis for good health," says Rijndert enthusiastically. "The bedroom should be a place of rest in which there is a pleasant atmosphere. Surrounding yourself with beautiful design and fine materials contributes to this."

"We love innovation and like to surprise the public with distinctive design. Designer Marcel Wolterinck always feels our wishes very well. His new concept Sea is a balanced mix of functionality and design. The clean lines have soft rounded shapes and the linen-textured upholstery provides an airy and natural look. The contrasting stitching gives it a robust accent."

The generous size of bed Sea comes into its own in a loft-like interior or large bedroom. "When you place this bed freely in a room you can walk around it and look at it on all sides. The headboard has a special shape with seating space at the head end of the bed, like a kind of bench. Handy for taking a seat when dressing and undressing. Or to have a glass of wine before going to bed," smiles Rijndert.

ETC Design Center
Bed Sea is on display at the ETC Designer Center in Culemborg. Contact us for more information.

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