Not just the design but an entire interior

Not just the design but an entire interior

Unburdening is what we like to do at Hubbers Interior Designers. A team of thirty specialists ensures perfectly crafted interiors, from design to realization. Creativity, commitment and craftsmanship are keywords. Working closely with the client, Hubbers interior designers looks for customized solutions in every project. “Can it be done?” is never the question at Hubbers Interior Designers. Well, “How are we going to do this?

Interior designer and furniture workshop under one roof
‘We had never thought of that ourselves.’ Is what they often hear back from Hubbers interior designers. Interior designers ensure that the end result exceeds expectations. Style, taste and the client’s wishes are reflected down to the last detail in Hubbers’ custom interior design solutions.

The best interior only comes about when the client, designer and furniture maker work together perfectly. At Hubbers Interior Designers, therefore, everything is under one roof. Our interior designers and interior decorators continually consult with the client and with each other about the right custom solution.

From design to realization
A beautiful interior begins with the design. To arrive at an appropriate design, an introduction is very important. The interior designers listen and ask questions to assess whether there is a mutual click to create a dream interior together. In addition, wishes and expectations are discussed. This can be done via skype, at the client’s location or at Hubbers interior designers office in Leuth. Of course, all corona measures are observed in this regard.

After the brief, the first stage of the design process follows; the sketch design. At this stage, the creative process really takes off. The big picture is laid out and the question is translated into clear custom spatial solutions.

If the sketch design meets the requirements, a final design is developed. In this phase, a more in-depth review of the sketch design is conducted that includes important detailing and dimensions. In the process, working drawings and technical descriptions, for both architectural and interior work are provided and prepared for requests for quotations.

Upon approval of the final design and quote, the interior designers start working in the workshop. Excellent furniture makers process durable materials on modern machines. Carpenter’s eye and steady hand are still indispensable in the company, which began as an artisanal furniture maker.

The assembly team then puts the finishing touches on the crown. The diligence with which these specialists operate not only ensures an optimal end result, but also guarantees minimal inconvenience to the client. A deal is a deal is the credo and the house is left spotless.

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