Novalis-O concept store designer furniture Flexform

Novalis-O concept store designer furniture Flexform

Quality store Novalis-O, as a concept store, carries the collection of the brand Flexform; exclusive designer furniture of an unprecedented level. The designer furniture of the Italian brand Flexform is proudly presented in the beautiful store in Oisterwijk. For many years, Novalis-O has offered an ever up-to-date collection of designer furniture, mood lighting, interior accessories and upholstery at a very high level. So is the designer furniture from Flexform.

By presenting the Italian top brand’s beautiful creations in one room, Flexform’s designer furniture and lighting reinforce each other. The result? A stylish and luxurious ensemble. An eye-catcher in Novalis-O’s already beautiful showroom. The fact that the quality store has become Flexform’s concept store is generating a lot of interest. “Flexform’s designer furniture appeals to a lot of people. The brand has a very own world and style and that attracts many visitors to our store. People come from The Hague, Amsterdam, half of the Netherlands, here for our collection. Even visitors from Düsseldorf and that is after all a shopping city par excellence,” says the enthusiastic owner Anton van Oirschot.

Quality, style and atmosphere

Together with his partner Kim Bordes, who works as an interior designer, he has built Novalis-O from his personal conviction of quality and style and knows how to create an atmosphere where customers feel at home. “But we are much more than just a furniture store. We are known for our integrated interior design plans. I enjoy working with pieces that people want to keep, building something beautiful around them and establishing their own personal style. That’s satisfying. I like to let quality speak for itself.”

Exclusive designer furniture

Novalis-O focuses on the top of the market. The exclusive brands that carry the beautiful store are fine proof of this. The enthusiastic team at Novalis-O had been selling Flexform’s designer furniture for some time, but the fact that the quality store is now a Flexform concept store fills Anton with pride. “I can enjoy myself immensely when I see the details. A customer notices that, and I can enthuse them about it. People who purposefully choose Flexform’s designer furniture are generally highly educated, I notice. They choose quality and detailed craftsmanship rather than name and price. Offering quality suits us. We strive to become the top furniture store in the South.”

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