Oger and Nilson design ‘couture for the bedroom’

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‘Perfect match’ between fashion and interior design

AMERSFOORT/AMSTERDAM – It is not only in fashion that people work with Loro Piana’s exclusive fabrics. This Italian brand is also making its appearance in the bedroom with the collaboration between fashion house Oger and bedmaker Nilson. The result is a luxurious hotel bed with matching bedroom furniture made from the finest fabrics and materials.

A mannequin, pincushions, fabric swatches and centimeters. The Oger atelier is all about customization. With an eye for detail, jackets, suits and pants are perfected by the tailor. Only fabrics from the industry’s premier ateliers are used, made from the finest yarns such as cashmere, merino wool, cotton and linen. This craftsmanship can also be found behind the scenes at Nilson. ‘In addition, we share a passion for Italian design and both value quality and comfort,’ Nilson founder Rijndert Fluit said of the collaboration with Oger.

Luxury beds

Unique collaboration
Six months ago, Nilson came up with the idea for a joint product launch: a luxury bed upholstered with the finest fabrics from the fashion industry. We immediately felt that fashion house Oger would be a suitable partner in this. An initial brainstorm was very inspiring and soon ideas and plans became concrete. The starting point was to create a bedroom together with the fabric collection of the Italian brand Loro Piana. Oger is the most prominent provider of the Loro Piana brand in the Netherlands, whose upholstery fabrics Nilson now processes as “couture for the bedroom.

Complete bedroom
The result is a luxurious hotel bed with headboard upholstered in exclusive wool fabric. Nightstands, dresser and TV cabinet are made of oak and inlaid with leather. The satin bed linen is from the Italian brand Society Limonta as are the plaids made of silk and cashmere. Sleeping comfort is completely customized for the customer and tailored to personal needs and desires. For that, a comprehensive consultation will take place in Nilson’s showroom and SleepLab in Amersfoort.

Bespoke suit
Sander Lusink, brand director and co-owner of the family business Oger, is also delighted with the Oger x Nilson collection: ‘We are a match made in heaven. The result is stunning and really only best experienced in person. In Nilson’s showroom, you can discover how a handmade bed can feel like a tailored suit.’

Luxury beds

About Nilson
Nilson has specialized in high-quality sleep comfort for nearly 20 years. All beds are custom-made from the best (natural) materials and designed by top designers. The beds are produced by hand in the Netherlands. Nilson offers a unique concept through a complete collection of high-quality sleep comfort with luxury beds and headboards and accessories such as furniture, comforters, pillows and bed linens. The target audience includes customers from home and abroad: interior designers, hotels and individuals. Over 35 hotels worldwide are now equipped with luxury box spring beds from Nilson.

About Oger
Oger was founded in 1990 by brothers Martin, Rob and Oger Lusink. From Amsterdam’s P.C. Hooftstraat, the company continued to expand into what it is today with a total of five branches. In addition to the best Italian brands, Oger carries its own brands. Oger was the first to bring the finest Italian artisan brands to the Netherlands with its tailoring. From this was born their mission to dress the Dutch man more Latin. This has been noticed at the highest level in Italy, leading to Oger being inaugurated in 2013 as an Honorary member of the Altagamma Honorary Council, Italy’s guardian institute for fashion and design. Through Oger Corporate Fashion Statements, Oger also offers (corporate) clothing for the business market.

About Loro Piana
At the beginning of the 19th century, the Loro Piana family began trading in wool fabrics in the Italian region of Trivero, famous for its textile production. The company has since grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury fabrics. The high quality collections demonstrate an ongoing commitment to high quality textile innovation and timeless Italian elegance. In addition to fashion fabrics, Loro Piana has also focused on interior design. Cashmere, baby cashmere, vicuna, the finest merino wool, cotton, linen and silk are processed by Loro Piana using exclusive techniques in such a way that they can be used for interiors.

About Society Limonta
Nilson is a concept dealer for Society Limonta, part of the Limonta Group; a historic textile company famous for its innovations in apparel and furnishing fabrics. This is reflected in exclusive weaving and dyeing techniques and special fabric blends. From this is made the finest bed linen, exceptional in quality and workmanship. Characteristic of Society is that traditional craft fabrics such as linen and cotton are made with a “new design attitude”: adapted to the wishes and requirements of our time in terms of maintenance and design. In addition to lovely bed linens made of cotton, linen, silk and cashmere, Society also offers luxurious plaids made of cashmere and wool.

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