One big WiFi network, even at your second home or country retreat

One big WiFi network, even at your second home or country retreat’s networks are fully scalable. For example, they can even extend your main network to an outdoor residence or second home so that it connects seamlessly to the WiFi network in your primary home. Read in this blog what benefits this brings.

The convenience of never logging in again
WiFi is the basis for many communications. Both between persons, and between persons and devices. For example, to control your Sonos system, your phone must be connected to the same WiFi network. If you have an outdoor residence or second home, you should always log your devices onto the WiFi network at both addresses. With the network, this is no longer necessary.

They extend your primary network to your outdoor or second home. As a result, all your devices are always automatically connected at all your addresses. You only need to register once at a location. They also easily scale your guest network to all your locations that way. So your friends and family will experience the same conveniences as you. WiFi has never been easier.

Exchange home automation effortlessly
All equipment connected at your home is also automatically connected at your second home or outdoor residence. So feel free to bring your Sonos system. Simply turn it on and it works as you are used to from home.

24/7 service at all your locations is known for its service. They use an app that monitors your network 24/7. As a result, they and you have every insight. If you have a question or a problem, they can watch directly with you remotely. Also from a second home or country house. Indeed, WiFi really has never been easier.

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