Ornamental moldings in a modern home

Ornamental moldings in a modern home

Old canal houses and mansions are usually decorated quite modernly these days. Still, it is great fun to give a nod to the classic past. Ornamental moldings are the perfect solution for this. A sleek, subtle trim adds dimension to a large ceiling. Including the ceiling in the interior also makes the space more unified.

Below you can already see two examples of chic, modern homes where decorative moldings have been used.

A cove molding or flat baseboard is usually placed in the transition from wall to ceiling. A cove molding is a more classic solution and visually raises the ceiling. A flat plinth is much tighter and originally an Amsterdam design. Especially with a high ceiling, it is nice to emphasize that height with a cove molding. For lower ceilings, lower than 2.80 meters, skirting may be a better choice.

Of course, it remains a matter of taste: therefore, it is wise to see this type of product in real life first. You can do that at Het Schippertje, in Harderwijk. They manufacture, supply and install plaster moldings and ornaments. In the showroom, all products can be viewed in real life and you will receive tailored advice.

Does your ceiling not lend itself to trim? Then you can always opt for a wall decoration. This can also be applied in a very modern way, adding value without standing out too much. A compartment with trim on the wall adds depth to the wall, and engages the wall with the interior. You can apply this throughout the room, or you can, for example, highlight one wall. This is often done on the wall where a painting or mirror will hang.

Finally, it is important to note that there are no rules: trim is a versatile product. So with creative ideas, you can also come to The Skipper. We like to think with you!

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