Outdoor cooking

Outdoor cooking

An emerging trend in the garden is outdoor cooking. From the most luxurious outdoor kitchens to cooking directly on the campfire.

Ways of cooking outdoors
There are several options that combine an outdoor fireplace with an outdoor cooking option. Consider a built-in oven, pizza oven, a griddle or a large barbecue around which several people can stand. Outdoor cooking is essential for a long summer evening or the perfect winter barbecue.

An outdoor kitchen can offer the ability to serve an all-star menu. You can prepare the food outside as well as prepare it. The built-in refrigerator, countertop and of course the kamado in a beautiful color make for a nice, functional whole. You can expand this ceramic barbecue into a pizza oven in several ways by inserting a pizza stone or you can cook with it in a cast iron pan. In addition to the popular kamado barbecue, you can also use a gas or electric barbecue in your outdoor kitchen.

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Outdoor Fireplace
Under a canopy, you can use an outdoor fireplace. Often you can cook on this or it has a pizza oven and/or regular oven. When you use the right tempratures, it allows you to make the tastiest pizzas, as well as serve entire menus, in no time. Cooking on an outdoor fireplace is then located on the top of the hearth. Equipped with two hotplates, the fireplace is complete to provide your guests with a delicious meal.

Barbecue with friends
If you enjoy cooking together, you can choose a barbecue with griddle. A high barbecue in the shape of a bar table that you can stand around with family and friends and on it everyone prepares their own dish. A heartwarming scene to stand around the fire with each other with snacks and drinks.

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Want to go all back-to-basic? Then you can use a Tripod-Grill which can be placed over the fire. You can hang your cast iron pan or grill from this to serve the tastiest dishes. With your friends around the fire, that’s the real enjoyment!

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