Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

It’s not just the days that lengthen when it’s summertime long light in the evening. We also extend the style and atmosphere of our interior to the outside. The most beautiful designs and the best quality fabrics are also available for garden and terrace, resistant to sun and rain, but above all pleasing to the eye.

In summer, we lovingly exchange our living quarters indoors for delightful moments in the garden, on the terrace, patio or balcony. But preferably in the same fine and upholstered atmosphere we enjoy inside. Fortunately, there are more and more fabric brands that provide the familiar quality and creativity for both indoor and outdoor use. Because practical fabrics, which can withstand bright sunshine and rain, can also just be beautiful.

They understand this better than anyone at C&C Milano, the Italian brand that wholesales beautiful linens for interiors with a sober look. ‘For everyone who likes to invite friends over, to relax in the garden or by the pool, or to spend long evenings outside with cool drinks and dinners under the open sky, we offer fabrics and rugs to turn that outdoor space into a real summer living space or a dining room under the sun. Without concessions, so as comfortable and elegant as we desire inside,” they state at C&C Milano. At C&C Milano, they provide two main styles for outdoor fabrics. For example, there are collections of outdoor fabrics in vibrant colors and featuring variegated patterns. Blue hues – from eggplant to Tiffany blue – make a perfect mix in geometric designs with white and ecru shades. They match nicely with the more neutral shades in lookalike linen fabrics, made from fabrics in a synthetic fiber. Matching rugs, with the look of sisal but resistant to water, sun, chlorine and salt, complete the attractive patio interior.

C&C Milano’s outdoor fabrics – whether upholstery fabrics or airy curtain fabrics – are designed to seamlessly blend indoors and out. Because a beautiful interior does not stop at the French doors, but spreads over the grass, the terrace, along the pool area to exude the same style, colors and our personal taste everywhere. And for those not yet ready for new upholstery or outdoor furniture, there is a wide selection of cushions available to add a fresh look to open-air living each season.

At the also Italian brand Loro Piana, they also understand the art of turning the “outdoor room” into a dressed-up interior. The indoor collections are carried over to the outdoor collections, with outdoor bouclé fabrics in Dehors Bouclé and the natural-looking Sabi-Sands: beautiful and rich fabrics that would not look out of place indoors either. Thanks to the synthetic fibers and special treatment, these wonderfully soft fabrics also remain beautiful in sun and rain and are easy to keep clean. Designs that we see indoors, such as the stripes, we can also continue outdoors, for example, with Dehors Principato, which combines well with the Monaco fabric with a cotton-like texture. To finish it off, since this season Loro Piana also offers a weather-resistant Sisal, beautiful to make an outdoor rug bordered with a band of plain fabric from the Dehors Plain fabric collection.

Prose from Paris
For a touch of Parisian chic and elegance, in addition to interior fabrics, the Spanish brand Lizzo recently offered a collection of outdoor pillows that add extra style and color to an understated base. The first outdoor collection therefore bears names inspired by the titles of books written in the city of lights. For example, the “Bovary” fabric – derived from “Madame Bovary,” Gustave Flaubert’s 1857 masterpiece – breathes the atmosphere of the “wicker motif” of the braided seat of the famous Parisian terrace chairs. ‘Marelle’ – the French translation of ‘Rayuela,’ the book Julia Cortazor wrote in Paris in 1963 – is a fresh herringbone available in black, white and gray but also yellow, pink, green and blue. ‘Tropic’ – derived from the 1934 book ‘Troique du Cancer’ by Henry Miller – is a lovely fabric for outdoors with a print full of floral and botanical motifs, in three color options: neutral, multicolored and in shades of blue. Finally, “Camelia” – with inspiration from “La Dame aux Camélias,” Alexandre Dumas’ 1848 classic – is a soft fabric that is also suitable for evenings by the outdoor fireplace thanks to its fire-resistant finish.

Tropical tones and atmospheres are also sure to be found in the “Bali” collection by French brand Manuel Canovas. ‘Bali’ is there for both indoors and outdoors, and thus rightfully a connector of both interiors. The collection is colorful and sparkling thanks to patterns of hand-drawn and -painted representations of schools of fish, shells, birds and lush plants.

Elitis, also French, unpacks a rich palette of options to dress up the “outdoor room” with rugs, pillows and upholstery fabrics. The “Disco” rug series consists of round, rectangular and square rugs with weather-resistant latex backing in beautiful color combinations of natural tones with rich colors and in a mix of braided and woven threads. Extra nice is that the rugs are 88 percent recycled materials, mostly from PET bottles. The series of outdoor fabrics “Lontano” comes in solid variant but also geometric patterns: delightfully Mediterranean. ‘Farniente’ – the name says it all – exudes the atmosphere of nice and relaxed outdoor living, whether by the poolside or on a rooftop terrace in New York. For a touch of “urban,” Studio Pepe, together with Elitis, provides a collection of fabrics for indoor and outdoor use that refers to the movement of radical architecture of the 1960s. ‘Archiutopia’ offers a wide and exciting range of 3D fabrics, fabrics with geometric prints and colorful patterns of woven-in ‘residential buildings’. The collection in black, white, sand and red-brown hues pays tribute to the city in optima forma, for an equally robust and comfortable decoration of any indoor and outdoor space. That means being surrounded all year round with the best quality, the most beautiful atmosphere but withstanding the specific conditions outside. So we enjoy the most beautiful interior and exterior all year round.

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