Pivot door with wood: serene luxury by Remy Meijers

Pivot door with wood: serene luxury by Remy Meijers

Serene luxury. That’s what our pivot doors exude when you combine the sleek aluminum door frame with wood. A design by top designer Remy Meijers.

You can complement the TWIN DOORS collection with a rich pallet of woods. A perfect match in your interior if you have a stylish wood herringbone floor in your home. Even in a modern home with a cast floor, the combination between our aluminum doors with wood is a stylish and unique eye-catcher in the home.

“TWIN DOORS can be customized with colors, but also by inlaying the doors with natural materials. Adding accents – think marble, wood or leather – very subtly draws the eye to the door. Moreover, this creates harmony in your interior. The timeless design of the pivot door blends in with your surroundings and becomes part of the architecture of your home,” says Remy Meijers.

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