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Planting of the office of Red Bull Netherlands

Planting of the office of Red Bull Netherlands

From Chic, we regularly provide planting for office spaces, including the beautiful office of Red Bull Netherlands.

The large open spaces feature beautiful, tropical plants such as large alocasia (elephant ear), strelitzias and palms. In the meeting rooms, palms are placed in large, shaggy pots that complement the industrial style of the building. You will also find a green wall with artificial plants in the cafeteria, between which Red Bull commercials are played on the TVs.

An office space, of course, is meant to boost productivity and creativity and make team members feel at home. So plants should definitely not be missing in an office space. In addition to the fact that these green plants make a real statement in the space, this is because they are also air-purifying.

All plants come with water meters, making the plants easy to maintain.

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