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Plastic structural frames from Finstral

Plastic structural frames from Finstral

Finstral completes the range with an insulated plastic mullion frame for all its window systems.

In combination with Finstral window frames, it is now also possible to order plastic adjustment frames that perfectly match the frame profiles. Set frames are available in various cavity depths for both aluminum and plastic frames. For the best insulation values.

No damage during installation
The structural frame is assembled in the wet construction phase. The frame or door element is not assembled until the dry construction phase. Construction moisture, contamination and damage to the finished elements are thus avoided.

Everything from a single source
The FIN-Fix window frame is a standardized interface with Finstral elements. The responsibility for the dimensions of the elements and the dates for mounting the elements lies with Finstral.

Fast delivery time
We deliver set frames in 3 weeks as a finished frame. The structural frame unbundles the construction process and thus the coordination effort of the various trades.

Independently recommended
Europe's leading installation experts from the Institut für Fenstertechnik (ift) Rosenheim recommend set frames as the best method for installing frames and doors. All constructional connection details of our FIN-Fix structural frames are tested by the ift.

Always made of plastic
Our corner-welded frame frames made of recycled plastic are insulating, tight and free from weathering. Two coextruded seals provide the perfect seal at the boundary between frame and assembled frame or door element, respectively.

Always thermally insulated
Even the stud frame is perfectly insulated. For structural frames for doors, we use plastic profiles up to the unfinished floor.

Optional foil closure ex factory
In order to seal the frame openings already in the wet construction phase, FIN-Fix forming frames can be equipped with a foil clamped into a wooden frame at the factory.

Optional building door ex factory
For set frames in doorways, a construction door can already be supplied from the factory. The door leaf consists of a coarse chipboard, which is suspended in the frame by simple hinges. It is equipped with a simple screw lock with a basic profile cylinder.

For more information on Finstral level frames, contact or 055-5380060.

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