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Pot Interieur has the solution to your sleep problems

Pot Interieur has the solution to your sleep problems

A good night's sleep is important for everyone. When you have a period of poor sleep, you notice it in your daily activities. You are tired, irritable and possibly dejected. At Pot Interieur, we have an extensive range of sleep products, including box springs , beds , mattresses and bed bases . We have listed the most common sleep problems, along with the appropriate solution, for you. The most common sleep problems are as follows; snoring, cold feet in bed and back pain during the night.

Millions of people snore, this can vary from occasional snoring to always snoring. It seems like a harmless problem, but when your partner is bothered by your snoring. Then it is very annoying and an actual problem. In fact, research has shown that a snoring partner is bad for your own health. Partner snoring can be the cause of concentration problems, headaches and fatigue.

Auping has a clever solution for this, which is the Auping Smart base. This is a smart bed base with a special anti-snoring feature. The bed base eliminates the need to lie awake when your partner snores. When Smart base detects snoring, the headboard automatically raises slightly, allowing the partner to continue sleeping soundly. The Auping Smart base consists of an adjustable Auping spiral base and Auping Connect. The Auping connect is connected through an app on the phone or tablet. The app measures the number of decibels; when snoring is detected, the back section of the coil base moves for a moment or the headboard is raised slightly. This small adjustment turns the snorer around or opens the snorer's airway slightly, allowing the snorer to breathe more easily. In the app, you can make your own adjustments so that it is tailored to your needs. The Smart base can be installed on any Auping bed or box spring. Check out our Auping bed bases, beds, box springs and mattresses on our website.

During the fall and winter period, many people suffer from cold feet. This is something that occurs mainly in women. When you are asleep, your hands and feet get warmer and your body gets colder. When this doesn't happen and you suffer from cold feet, you may sleep poorly. The sleep process is impeded; your body remains in the waking state.

Avek offers a solution for this in all their mattresses and top mattresses, namely an integrated foot heater. The foot heater is easily controlled by a wireless remote control. Allows you to set a desired temperature, your mattress will be wonderfully warm within 5 minutes. After 15 or 30 minutes, this foot heater turns off.

Back pain or back pain can also cause sleep problems. When your back is troubled, you may have a worse time falling asleep and sleeping through is not possible at all. Acute or chronic back pain can also cause serious long-term sleep problems. Back pain can come from having a bad mattress. A mattress should provide comfort and support; when this is not provided by your mattress, your sleep can be disrupted and back pain can result.

Tempur mattresses are formulated to conform completely to your body. Because the mattress supports your entire body, you take on a natural sleeping position. Reduce the tension on your back and neck muscles. Because the mattress molds to your body, you wake up rested and relaxed, ready for a new day.

Visit our website to view our entire range, you are also welcome to visit our showroom in Axel. You can also schedule an appointment with one of our sleep experts for a full consultation.

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