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Putting together an outdoor kitchen Wesco helps you get started with 4 tips!

Putting together an outdoor kitchen Wesco helps you get started with 4 tips!

Are you looking forward to enjoying cups of coffee, cozy drinks and dinners in your own garden? So maybe you've been thinking about a nice outdoor kitchen but have no idea where to start. With spring in mind, Wesco Outdoor Kitchens - the originally German brand - would like to give you 4 tips you can consider when buying a Premium Outdoor kitchen!

Tip 1: Consider where you want to place your outdoor kitchen

Do you have a large area of space for an outdoor kitchen or perhaps something smaller? And is this place close to your home or further out in the garden? Basically, you can place a Premium Outdoor kitchen from Wesco anywhere; in the garden, on the terrace but also on the roof terrace or in a gazebo. For all places, though, a firm and level surface is essential.

It is good to think about the space you have in advance. There are outdoor kitchens available from a few meters such as the "All you need" module (192 cm x 75 cm deep x 90 cm high) but also complete islands with multiple modules. In addition, you may need a refrigerator or sink because the kitchen will be placed further down your yard. If your home kitchen is a few feet away from the outdoor kitchen, then of course this is not necessary. But also consider, for example, the power supply. Finally, power is needed if there is a refrigerator in the outdoor kitchen. If this is not within reach of an electricity point then it must be constructed. Take these kinds of considerations into account when you start putting the kitchen together.

In case you are wondering if it is necessary for the outdoor kitchen to be under a canopy? No, this is not necessary. Wesco's Premium Outdoor kitchens are wind and rain resistant. However, we always recommend purchasing a custom-made cover to ensure that the outdoor kitchen stays looking neat and tidy.

Tip 2: Map out what your outdoor kitchen needs to meet

Are you a true barbecue enthusiast or do you handle a Teppanyaki well? Maybe you want to be able to "really" cook outside and therefore need an induction cooktop. There are plenty of options for putting together your outdoor kitchen with accessories just the way you like it. But before you get started with this, as far as Wesco is concerned, it is important to make a choice about the "look" of the outdoor kitchen.

As many as 10 different kitchen front, side and back coverings are available for Wesco's Premium Outdoor kitchens. There are also 14 different options for the ceramic worktop. So plenty of choice to put together your own matching 'look'! Once you've made your choice, you can get to work deciding on options and accessories for the outdoor kitchen. Wondering what options are available? Check it out here.

Good to know: the electrical facilities in the Outdoor kitchen are perfectly arranged, solid and neatly processed. Connection to the network service to be connected by the user himself or a self-regulated professional. In addition, light points such as the "Push" function can be built in the kitchen. This causes a point of light to appear or sink in by pressing on it. A "light snake" can also be installed under the kitchen for an atmospheric lighting effect.

Tip 3: Make sense of your budget

There are an awful lot of providers on the market, but as with regular kitchens, quality costs money. It is therefore incredibly important to map out your budget before you actually take any steps. Once you know the maximum you want to spend on your outdoor kitchen, it becomes easier to make a concrete layout and quote for the salesperson.

Tip #4: Get advice!

You've gained a clear understanding of the wants and needs of your ideal outdoor kitchen with the previous three tips. Handy, because this way you are well prepared to be advised and also makes it easier for the salesperson to think with you. Want to take a look at a Wesco showroom or schedule an appointment? Click here for details of the Rotterdam location.

Curious about some of the projects using Wesco's Premium Outdoor Kitchens? Take a look at this page.

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