Quality garden lighting always pays for itself

Quality garden lighting always pays for itself

As a lighting designer, I don’t like to leave anything to chance when putting your garden in a different light. Therefore, after a personal introduction, Rainforest Lighting also always starts with a lighting demonstration, preferably on a nice dry evening.

A lighting demonstration involves us creating a test fixture in your yard. We do this to show you what to expect and this is how we create the garden lighting plan with you. And then it doesn’t matter if it’s an urban garden, a park garden or a landscape garden. In our approach, a demonstration is standard because we know from experience that clients like to know upfront where they stand afterwards. A light demonstration in your garden costs 300-500 euros depending on garden size, but is free if you choose us.

A thoughtful lighting plan
Even when it comes to lighting design, I don’t like to leave anything to chance. Through our years of working with leading landscapers, we are very good at estimating where best to bury ground cables and how to do maintenance in a garden. Thus, when creating the lighting plan, we take into account garden maintenance and no cable is laid in places where, for example, digging will take place in the future. Of course, we will provide you with the complete lighting plan, so you will always know exactly where cables run and you can share this information with the garden maintenance company.

We recommend only products with which we have good experience
Because of our years of experience, we know well which fixtures, lamps, transformers and cables we can best recommend to you. And over the years, it has become clear that quality garden lighting always pays off. Lighting in our gardens uses less power, is less prone to failure and requires less maintenance. And should something unexpectedly break down, you have the assurance that parts are still available in almost all cases for ten years and, of course, you have a warranty. That’s the advantage of working exclusively with top European producers.

Less is more
At Rainforest Lighting, we operate on the principle that less is more. If we can achieve the wow effect with ten lights, we do it with ten lights and not 15 let alone 20. After all, we don’t sell lamps, we sell atmosphere. We devise a lighting solution for the garden that matches your needs and the style and decor of the house. In this way, a complete living experience is created. No two gardens are the same, but for all the gardens we build, quality garden lighting always pays for itself. Maybe more expensive in the short run, but always better in the long run.

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