Rather naked than fake

Rather naked than fake

‘Better naked than fake,’ she said. I had never heard the saying before, but I felt exactly what she meant. Subsequent Google searches show me that the slogan was coined in 1969 by ad man Jim Prins (1943-1999) to promote virgin wool. I think it’s still timely when you think about all the fake products and look-a-likes in our world of steel doors.

Real steel
Choose real steel! Some offer alternatives. These doors look like steel doors but are not. They are made of aluminum (or even wood). So these “steel-look” doors are not real steel doors but an impression of them. This you see, feel and hear. Consider that you will have the steel door in your hands for the next few years, every day.

Unique customization
The fabrication of steelwork is a beautifully crafted process. At every stage you taste attention and craft. After everything has been measured, thought out in detail and discussed with our craftsmen, they get to work in the workshop. Grinding, welding, drilling, aging, sanding and polishing: each item is crafted by hand. We don’t produce anything ahead of time; everything we do here is uniquely customized. The final product is always beautiful, it’s right and makes the space more beautiful.

Men of Steel
The men of steel are poached, seasoned and inspired. Each and every one of them are professionals. Their job satisfaction is reflected in the end result. Through continuous experimentation in design and manufacturing, we create the slimmest profiles that at the same time ensure robust quality. Attention is our craft.

Listening and feeling
Make a comparison between the noiseless whoosh of a pivot door, the nostalgic click of the lock case with latch and the soft tap of the magnetic lock. How does a sliding door in “Barn” design (with wheels in sight) feel and how does it differ from soft-close? In the showroom you can try the doors extensively. You then immediately experience how much the doors dampen ambient noise.

Why you really want to come along
It’s not just about what you see but the story behind it: how it’s made, who does it and with what materials. Meet the craftsmen who make your doors. Your confidence in the eye-catching end result in your home will surely grow.

Let’s meet! Through our online calendar, you can easily make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

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