Raw, pure heat source and design object

Raw, pure heat source and design object

Column Niels Boley

“From the government we are getting more and more reports about discouraging the use of fossil fuels such as gas. In the fireplace industry, we find that this is causing people to think about an alternative way to fire. They then quickly turn to wood-burning fireplaces. This movement, seen in all walks of life, really sees the fireplace as supplemental heating. A heating element to heat the room or home. When you work with wood-burning fireplaces you automatically have to deal with particulate matter, but modern fireplaces are already prepared for this and know how to properly handle the particulate matter.

Another movement we are seeing at the moment are those who use the fireplace for ambient heating and see the fireplace as an interior object. The central heating provides heat and the fireplace adds to the atmosphere and experience of the room. In wellness centers and in the hospitality industry, the designer fireplace is really seen as an atmosphere creator and an element to ensure a cozy and comfortable feeling for guests.

Trends in fireplaces

Looking at current trends in designer fireplaces, we see a marked increase in raw, honest materials. Copper, bronze elements, blue steel, blackened steel and bare steel. We all see it these days. Metal is really hot. Fireplaces made entirely of sheet steel, whether or not in etched or weathered plates. It’s allowed to be more expressive these days. A clear response to the past period where it was mostly about minimalism. We like to see the raw of the material. You may see that it has been worked on. A weld bead or wood joint may remain in view. With our company, we feel at home in that style. Hence, we have launched Boley B. Black series. Made of black steel. Raw and pure in form. Set in the world with elements of the 1970s. The latter is also a feature of the present time. Lots of things from the past are coming back in a new version. Different styles from the past come together in new designs.

Tips for fireplaces

What to think about when buying a fireplace is a question I get asked frequently. If you are thinking about a gas fireplace you should first check to see if there is gas in your neighborhood, because there are more and more neighborhoods where there is not. In that case, we obviously recommend a wood-burning fireplace. Furthermore, with new construction, it is important to indicate your wishes for a fireplace as early as possible. This is because of the installation of the flue. For a wood-burning fireplace, the duct should be routed to the highest point of the house. With gas it is different and the shortest path is chosen and even underground systems are possible. If it is an already existing home, there are creative ways to install a flue without drastic consequences. People often look forward to it, but fortunately these days there are good solutions to it. About half of our fireplaces are installed in already existing homes.

The last thing that stands out is the change in the location of the fireplace. Whereas in the past the fireplace was mainly placed in the living room, today people choose a fireplace in the living kitchen and dining area. That is now much more the center of the home. And no longer the place where the television is. A nice development if you ask me.”

Niels Boley is managing director of Boley Exclusive Fireplaces. Since the 1970s, the family business has been realizing heartwarming design, whether traditional wood-burning fireplaces or comfortable gas fireplaces. Always listening to the individual desire. Founded in 1970, the company stands for class, craftsmanship and creative design.

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