Raymond Voet speaking

Raymond Voet speaking

Cutting costs, using resources more efficiently and looking critically at the expenses of your business, store or home. That’s what people are doing a lot of right now. Energy costs and fuses are looked through, the purchase of solar panels or heat pump is considered, and one also wonders how to keep housing costs as low as possible? One of the simplest and fastest savings possible is often not considered: namely, lighting! Yep, the lights in the office and warehouse, or in your store, that sometimes burn as much as 10 hours a day.

LED lighting is an integral part of our society today. Yet there are still many buildings where old, conventional light sources are burning. These include fluorescent bars, halogen spots and energy-saving bulbs. All of them are energy guzzlers that unwittingly consume a large portion of your energy budget. Fortunately, there is an increasing focus on the solutions that LED lighting can offer you, which Watts Lux & Lumen can advise you on with a lighting plan and the purchase of the fixtures.

Encouraging LED lighting
Politicians are increasingly concerned with making everything more sustainable. One of the measures it has taken is that from January 1, 2023, companies with an office building larger than 100m2, must have at least energy label C. Both new and existing buildings will need to be equipped with sustainable lighting with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions. In addition to being beneficial to the environment, it can save your company a great deal on energy costs. After all, LED lighting is much more energy-efficient than fluorescent, energy-saving or halogen bulbs. In addition, the longer life of LED bulbs is a determining factor on long-term cost savings. It may be an incentive for business owners to start an inventory of lighting in use and convert to energy-efficient LED lighting. If you would like more information about this, you can request it here.

Existing buildings and LED
Many times in existing buildings the thinking is “old fixtures out, LED fixtures in same place. An obvious thought but LED lighting is a different type of light source than the existing fluorescent bars or energy-saving bulbs. Therefore, have a lighting plan made in advance so that you create a good and pleasant atmosphere.

New construction and LED
As soon as a new building is constructed, it is of course also important to take a good look at the lighting plan and especially the way it is controlled. Dynamic lighting or daylight-controlled systems that may or may not be centrally controlled is then easy to install and saves you a lot of energy.

Advice or sales
For Watts Lux & Lumen, there is a big difference between consulting and selling, but you can come to us for both. At an Internet store, you click on the product you want. The “advice” given often consists of a product specification and the characteristics of the product, in this case the fixture. But an Internet service provider can never determine for you which product is most suitable for your environment and especially the application. A standard LED lamp suitable for every office environment does not exist. Choosing the best fixture for your office space is custom work. This depends, among other things, on what kind of work is being done, the size of the room, the height, the amount of daylight, and the color of light can also be a determining factor.

With proper advice beforehand – which product is best for your application – you can be sure that what you are about to receive will suit your needs. And that is precisely where the difference lies between sales and consulting where there is personal contact. All are factors in choosing your lighting. And that’s really people work.

Good lighting is essential in your home, workplace, warehouse or store. Precisely because there are so many possibilities, it is good to get advice from a specialist who can tell you exactly which light sources are most appropriate and why. LED lighting has many advantages over conventional bulbs, but with misuse or wrong choices, much of the benefit is lost. Are you also considering switching to LED lighting? Then make an appointment at Watts Lux & Lumen first, we can provide you with customized advice. Personal advice, service and customization are key, the right lighting for every application and every room.

Feel free to contact Raymond Voet for an initial meeting and er- find out what he can do for your business, store or home. Go to the website below for an impression of the possibilities or check out Watts Lux & Lumen’s Facebook page.

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