‘Renewed history’ – McLaren.Excell: Movie release

‘Renewed history’ – McLaren.Excell: Movie release

VOLA unveils the fourth of a series of short films focused on architecture and design, available online at “VOLA on design.

In a small English village, among chalk hills and along Britain’s oldest road, lies Lower Mill: one of two village mills recorded in the ancient Domesday manuscript. It is a listed building, which despite several alterations and extensions, retains the characteristics of a water mill with Victorian milling machines and whose water wheel is still intact.

McLaren.Excell, a young architectural firm based in London, proposed to preserve the original features as much as possible and breathe new life into the historic building as it was transformed from watermill to residence. The firm, which has many wonderful projects to its credit, makes it very clear with this project that the architects know exactly how to uncover the soul of a building. Instead, the minimalist additions to the mill make an emphatic contribution to the harmony of the distinctive building, giving history a new future.

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