Rob Tummers speaking

Rob Tummers speaking

Rob Tummers likes to shed his light on lighting. In early 2018, he started Watts Lux & Lumen, where both businesses and individuals can go with all questions about lighting. Rob knows that light is much more than dispelling darkness; it’s about atmosphere and experience. Lighting design is an interesting field and Rob is happy to introduce himself.

In lighting
Rob has actually been “in lighting” since he was 18. “After college, I joined a project lighting company as a field sales representative.

“Then I switched to inside sales to understand the technical and content even better, that’s where my interest in lighting grew. The contact with people is central here, the customer has to trust you because you can only see light when it is dark. Later I went to work for a Belgian manufacturer in fixtures and from there my own company ‘Watts Lux & Lumen’ was born. I am now going to focus entirely on total lighting concepts.”

Project Lighting
Watts Lux & Lumen focuses on Project Lighting. “I don’t have a store you go to for a floor lamp or a halogen spotlight. I focus on the journey from consulting to the execution of projects. New construction or refurbishment of business premises, for example. Previously, only large fluorescent beams hung in factory halls and nowadays this can all be done much more beautifully and energy-efficiently. It is perfectly possible to design a space so that during the day it can be used as a meeting room with bright and stimulating light and in the evening a company dinner can be served in atmospheric light. Those are things I have specialized in.” Light has a huge impact on productivity, and as a business owner, you want the focus to always be on that.

Thinking about lighting in a timely manner
Of course, individuals are welcome when they are in the design phase of a new home or a thorough renovation. “It’s important to think early on about where you want the lighting. The switches and mounting points can then be put in the right place at once. Nothing as ugly as lights that have to be hung somewhere else because of extension cords,” Rob said. In Westerhoven, Rob has an inspiration room to show what light can do and how to create the right atmosphere. “That way the customer gets a good look at the end result. I don’t have a store but I can supply the desired fixtures. Creating the right atmosphere is difficult on paper and that’s what the inspiration room is for.”

Rob creates the plans from lighting advice to presentation, drawing, guidance to a finished lighting plan. “For implementation, I am in contact with several reliable partners; reputable companies that can construct what I have discussed with the client. Light is incredibly versatile and the possibilities are endless these days. Incandescent lamps are a thing of the past and what has taken their place offers so many possibilities. Take LED, which used to guarantee sharp white, bright light. Nowadays it is available in all sorts of varieties and you can create a great atmosphere with LED. You also have the option of controlling the lighting wirelessly with your phone or tablet. Additional advantage: one LED lamp lasts almost a lifetime. That’s another reason why it’s smart to think carefully about lighting in advance.”

A world of difference
From functional to creative, from ambience to cost-saving light: Watts Lux & Lumen has the right solution for everyone. Feel free to contact Rob Tummers for an initial meeting and experience what he can do for your business or home. Visit for an impression of the possibilities or check out Watts Lux & Lumen’s Facebook page. Direct contact can be made by phone 06-1319 5486. Light makes a world of difference.

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