Rooftop Terraces with Millboard; Wood-surpassing features

Rooftop Terraces with Millboard; Wood-surpassing features

Finding suitable lightweight material for a roof terrace is not easy. It’s barely there. At least not with the features that are desirable such as long life of at least 25 years, low weight, low maintenance and improved safety and durability.

Millboard has been produced in the UK for about 14 years. Still a European product for now, you might say. The factory of the same name produces decking or also patio boards based on mineral raw materials including limestone powder, polyurethane resin and fiberglass. A Millboard board weighs about half as much as a wood decking board, not entirely insignificant when constructing roof decks.

The planks have a special nonporous top layer called Lastane. They are molded from real wood and then hand-finished and hand-colored. The material also has a very low certified CO2 Footprint of 1.31 Kg CO2/m2 and is completely wood-free. Once lying down, it is almost indistinguishable from real. There is no brand in the world that comes so close to the authenticity of wood.

The special closed top layer prevents algae from adhering. High UV and weather resistance and stain resistance are also features that come with this top coat.

High anti-slip in wet and dry conditions and fire class certification Bfl-S1 provide additional safety. This sense of safety is enhanced by the fact that Millboard is splinter-free and cannot warp, rot and split.

If you’re looking for a roof deck with wood-transcending features, Millboard is definitely worth considering.

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