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Shop in-lite your way

Shop in-lite your way

Discover the magic of in-lite lighting your way
As we live more and more in and around the house, more and more households are investing in modernizing the garden. Garden lighting is a perfect solution to maximize the enjoyment of the garden not only during the day, but also at night. in-lite 12V led lighting is the solution to illuminate gardens and garden projects without the intervention of an electrician. In addition, in-lite lighting is available online as well as at reputable ornamental paving and garden materials wholesalers.

The 12V plug-and-play in-lite system is fully automated and can be controlled with a convenient smartphone app. Installing garden lighting is a job that you can do perfectly well by yourself without the involvement of electricians in and existing garden. If the garden is going to be thoroughly renovated, or if a completely new garden is being realized in a new housing development, lighting can also be installed by a landscaper. Most landscapers are familiar with the capabilities of in-lite lighting and can advise on applications. However, it is also advisable to see for yourself which applications suit the atmosphere and look of the garden.

Build it yourself? Shop online
Want to install in-lite lighting yourself? Then visit the in-lite website first. This is a perfect place to get inspiration and explore the various lighting options from the comfort of your armchair. Use the handy online selection tool to find the best lighting for the garden's distinctive features. The website shows step-by-step what other products are needed for installation. The site is also equipped with a convenient online chat feature managed by the highly competent Customer Service department that provides live answers to all possible questions. The chosen items are easy to checkout online, and all orders placed before noon will be shipped the same day.

Professional installation
Making the right lighting choices and achieving a quality installation comes with experience. For a professionally landscaped in-lite garden, it is advisable to enlist the help of a licensed landscaper or gardener. It is also possible to have in-lite develop a custom lighting plan for your garden or project. The in-lite LAB department was created for this purpose. These lighting designers design creative lighting plans for most special outdoor space and work with the best garden designers and landscapers in Europe. Curious about the possibilities? Discover in-lite LAB services and projects.

Visit an in-lite Experience Shops
For those looking for personal advice, a visit to an in-lite Experience Shop is highly recommended. There are now 23 branches in the Netherlands where everything is optimally set up for you to experience the magic of in-lite lighting live. At these locations, in-lite lighting is also integrated into showroom hotspots and evening gardens. Here visitors can experience during the day, the magic of in-lite in the dark. There are experienced ambassadors working with, or without appointment, to help put together the lighting and can suggest a skilled garden professional for installation if needed.

Inspired by the possibilities? Then meet the magic of in-lite lighting your way.

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