Skinrock as cladding for your fireplace

Skinrock as cladding for your fireplace

Skinrock are ultra-thin natural stone slabs. The elegant slates have an impressive 3D structure. Skinrock is extremely lightweight and can be mounted on virtually any surface. This opens up new, limitless possibilities for creating the atmosphere of natural stone on drywall, wood, metal, fiberglass, ceramic and concrete. A choice can be made from 20 different decors in natural slate and quartzite, ranging from elegant silver tones to shades of green, gray and black.

Lining your fireplace
Tough, romantic, cozy, design, classic, furniture piece, eye-catcher, mood setter etc. The choice is yours!

Flagstones, very thin stones, but it looks like a tough rock wall
Skinrock, ultra thin natural stones in various colors
Corten steel, brown rusty tough steel plates
Black steel, modern sleek design steel plates
Plaster: tightly plastered in various colors and patterns
Leather: warm leather in various colors
Wallpaper: with or without pattern, striking.
Wood planks or sleepers, for a trendy look

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