Sleek and robust: our house types in a modern look!

Sleek and robust: our house types in a modern look!

Do you like a sleek, robust architectural style? Then we have good news! You can now build our familiar GL2, GL4, GL5, GL6 as well as GH1 in a completely new look. Curious about these newcomers? We are happy to explain this new style of construction for you.

Accents in masonry
Our newest version “Sleek & Robust” gets its name from its clean lines and use of different types of masonry. Using vertical masonry and set-back masonry layers, this architectural style has a sleek and luxurious appearance while looking modern and understated. The house can be built in various colors of masonry or white keimwork.

Sleek and luxurious finish
Thanks to indoor gutters with bricked-in rainwater drains, the clean lines of the home are further accentuated. Despite the robust look of the home, it is luxuriously finished in every detail. The zinc cover over the bricked-in rainwater drains form a harmonious whole with the dark window frames, exterior doors and the anthracite zinc dormers.

Extra space
The “Sleek & Robust” version comes standard with a 53° hood. Besides giving even more appearance, the 53° hood also offers more space in the bedrooms and attic compared to the 48° hood. A 53° hood also offers the option of a fixed staircase to the attic. Which also allows this space to be used as a bedroom and/or study. If you choose a house with a 48° hood, this option is eliminated.

Enthusiastic about this new architectural style and want more information? Or are you curious about what else is possible? You can find all “Sleek & Robust” versions in our price calculation module on our website!

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