So many options, but which wooden Indu-door best suits your situation?

So many options, but which wooden Indu-door best suits your situation?

So many options, but which wooden Indu-door best suits your situation?

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that there are many different types of doors. Pivot doors, sliding doors, hinged doors with or without sidelights, and the options don’t end there. At Indu-doors we custom make all our wooden doors and walls, we are happy to advise which choice will best suit your home. There are several reasons to go for a particular door, this depends on the situation in addition to taste. To get you started, we’d like to take you through the different options for each type of door.

Pivot Doors
To start with a pivot door, this door has no frame and this gives a sleek and minimalist look. For example, a pivot door is well suited for a long room where you have space on both sides to open the doors and set them at 90 degrees. The pivot hinge of the door is mounted on the floor and in the ceiling. Depending on the space, fixed sidelights can also be added to the design.

If you open the pivot door at 90 degrees the door will stay open. When you want to close the door and you remove it from the 90 degree position it will close automatically. A pivot door can rotate up to 150 degrees, however, the hold position is always at 90 degrees. Good thing to keep in mind, there is no stop on the door when closing, there is a softclose in the pivot hinge so the door closes nice and quietly. Looking for a door that also blocks drafts and noise? Then we recommend a frame solution.

Sliding Doors
There are also several options with sliding doors; for example, you can choose to have a sliding door slide in front of a wall or slide away into a wall/niche. In addition, it is still possible to choose side lights next to the door.

If you opt for a niche solution, contact us to discuss how to proceed. In fact, a niche solution requires proper preparation before we visit.

Why choose sliding doors?
Would you like to partition off a room to block out drafts and noise, for example, but don’t want to lose too much space? Then a sliding door might be a good option! After all, a sliding door does not turn into space! Keep in mind that a sliding door always needs space to slide away, which can be behind a wall or, for example, behind a sidelight that is the same width as the sliding door. A sliding door allows less draft and noise to pass through than a pivot door, for example, and is therefore often chosen to separate two rooms from each other against drafts and noise.

For all our doors, you are free to choose the rod arrangement. In addition to the various standard desing choices, there is also the option of a custom design. Design the door entirely according to your desire and taste! If you choose a fixed sidelight next to the door then you can let the (horizontal) rods continue. This gives calmness to the design. The rods of the sidelights will be newly put on with the assembly so that everything can be nicely aligned with each other.

Ceiling mount
Wall mount
Ensuite doors

Hinge doors
A hinged door can be custom made to fit an existing frame. We will then ensure that the door is made to fit so that it can be installed in the existing frame. If you don’t have a frame yet we can also supply the frame! An Indu-Doors window frame comes standard with a draft profile that ensures the door is well sealed against drafts. In addition, a hinged door also stops sound well, in part because of the 3.3.1. laminated safety glass with which an Indu-Doors door is equipped as standard. Optionally, you can also choose a sash that seals the door all around against drafts and noise, thus optimally separating the rooms.

Various setups are also possible with hinged doors, such as a double door, single door with fixed sidelights, single door with two fixed sidelights, etc.. Good to know, with a double door there is always one active door and one passive door that is fixed with an edge slider at the top and bottom, if desired the passive door can be opened though to create one large passage.

Do you already know which door fits best? We hope we’ve at least helped you a bit along the way. We would love to think with you and look forward to your questions.

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