Solo Cast Floors introduces newest type of cast floor: the Milestone and Minimal

Solo Cast Floors introduces newest type of cast floor: the Milestone and Minimal

If you are looking for a cementitious cast floor with a scratch-resistant character, Solo Cast Flooring is the right place. They recently launched their newest products the Milestone and Minimal cast floors.

“Over the years we have seen many strong floors, however, the strongest types were often not the most beautiful. The Milestone and Minimal are an innovative concept in this respect .” says Robbert ter Wielen. Cementitious screeds have a natural and unique look and are extremely strong. The cementitious-epoxy finish ensures the floor will stand up to scrutiny. In addition, the specially developed top layer ensures that the floors are pleasant to maintain. This way you will enjoy a unique floor finish for years to come.

A natural and serene look with iron-clad properties. So those are the Minimal and Milestone. Cast floors fall under the category of cementitious. What makes the Minimal and Milestone unique is that the floor are injected with an epoxy component. This ensures that the screeds are harder than any other cementitious screed and that the floor is fluid-tight.

Cementitious cast floors are often poured or plastered. The Milestone is a plaster variant, however, the material consists of a mix of Quartz and plastic. The Quartz provides a robust cement-like look, but the combination of the plastic component means the material still flows and you get sleek looks. The Milestone cast floor is liquid-proof by itself, yet the floor is sealed with a 2-component lacquer coating. This ensures that the floor is easy to clean and resistant to most liquids. This way, you don’t have to wipe up every drop immediately and the floor stays beautiful for years.

The Minimal can be called the brother of the Milestone cast floor. The Milestone contains an addition of Quartz, which causes the floor to have a blended look. The Minimal cast floor is precisely filtered. As a result, the floor contains no Quartz and becomes solid in color. The Minimal does still have a cementitious structure.

Curious to see what the floors look like in real life? Then visit the showroom of Solo Cast Floors.

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