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Spring in your home, fresh colors for the window

Spring in your home, fresh colors for the window

With the arrival of spring, we look forward to fresh sunlight in our homes. Playing with that light in spring gives a playful effect to your interior. In addition, when evening falls in spring, you do need privacy and warmth in your home. For a fresh interior, you need daylight. So every ray of sunshine there is should be able to shine cheerfully inside. And then you don't want window coverings that block the light. What you do want are Fractions, aluminum shutters that allow you to perfectly control the incidence of light yourself.

If you want to update your window coverings, such as during a remodel or just because you are ready for something new, white shutters are a must to look at. The type of window decoration chosen may have more influence than you think. With white shutters, you choose a stylish and beautiful window decoration. They fit the casual living style perfectly. You can choose from different designs and shades of white. Which best suits your style of living?

Shutters white, why?
Why choose shutters in white? As you may know, white is a color that is quite neutral and pure. As a result, it actually fits into any interior. Including an interior with Scandinavian decor. And still want to bring some color into the room? Then, for example, you can combine colored accessories with white shutters. We like to list some of the benefits of using shutters in white for you.

  • White creates spaciousness in the interior - so the room appears much larger optically with shutters in white
  • Many interior decorations match white shutters, you can combine white endlessly
  • It is a fairly simple color, but besides that, it is a great mood factor
  • Light reflects off white, so you always enjoy sunlight to its maximum. Also in winter
  • There is less contrast between white and the light outside, making it calmer for your eyes to look outside.
  • Dust and dirt are less noticeable on the color white.

Completely personalized? You can!
We offer a customized service with Fractions. Everyone is different, and we totally get that. Nothing is better than a completely personalized interior. And that starts with window coverings. We can completely customize your Fractions window coverings. You can choose the model for your home. You can also choose the color. We recommend several colors for each model of Fractions. There are several models where the color white is recommended. Of course, we can make all models in a white shade.

Fractions, white shutters
Fractions like white shutters provide a luxurious look. They are panels that have a sleek design. They can be opened or completely closed. This offers a lot of variety, perfect for summer as well as winter! In addition, Fractions also have a lot of functional benefits. The most important of all is that they will never warp, courtesy of the fact that they are now made of aluminum. This also makes Fractions perfect for the bathroom and kitchen. On top of that, Fractions are completely lightproof when you close them completely. this is accompanied by a high insulating value. This means that it allows you to take another step beyond the insulation you already have. So you get something in your home that not only adds a lot aesthetically, but is also functional.

Come see the different Fractions, in our showroom we have all models of Fractions. We'd love to show you what's possible! Contact or book your time slot for an open house on the website.

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