Stainless steel pool is on the rise in Belgium and the Netherlands

Stainless steel pool is on the rise in Belgium and the Netherlands

When we think of a swimming pool, we immediately think of a concrete tub (lined with a liner or mosaic tiles) and a mono-block polyester pool.

In Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, people have been thinking about stainless steel pools for quite some time. After all, the first stainless steel pool was installed more than 50 years ago in Austria.

“Stainless steel pool?”, you are thinking now. Yes a pool made entirely of stainless steel, stainless steel also known as stainless steel or stainless steel*! A stainless steel pool is a tub, usually supplied in one piece, consisting of stainless steel 316L (quality of stainless steel) plates and a stainless steel reinforcement structure that are manually welded together using the TIG (argon welding) process.

Why a pool made of stainless steel?


Stainless steel or stainless steel is a material with charisma, due to its timeless character it suits both modern and rustic homes. The unique color of the water looks very natural, allowing the stainless steel pool to blend nicely into its surroundings. Its limited weight and flexibility allows for a lot of architectural possibilities.

Durable and low maintenance

Inox requires virtually no maintenance and no repairs unlike other materials. It is strong, durable, waterproof, does not break, shrink, crumble or become porous. The smooth and pore-free surface of stainless steel prevents algae and microorganisms from forming on the walls and bottom of your pool.

Energy and environment

The reflection of the sun’s rays on the stainless steel bottom and walls naturally warms the water. Nouv’eau’s stainless steel pools are fully insulated (bottom and walls) with 4cm thick sheets of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) and the walls additionally with a 4cm thick layer of sprayed polyurethane (PU). The water surface is covered with solar shutter. This minimizes heat loss. Inox pools are not only energy efficient but also 100% recyclable, so you reduce your ecological footprint.

Quick placement

The installation of a stainless steel pool takes only one week!

What does a stainless steel pool cost?

It goes without saying that stainless steel is a more expensive raw material than concrete or polyester, but the additional cost compared to the other types of pools is often overestimated.A stainless steel pool completely delivered and installed with heat pump, solar cover and automatic disinfection can be purchased for as little as 60,000 euros.A stainless steel pool is a feast for the eyes, requires virtually no maintenance and certainly no repairs and is extremely energy efficient.
So the extra cost is, so to speak, an investment in comfort, energy savings and sustainability.

If you have any questions regarding stainless steel pools, you can always contact us.

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