‘Steel doors 2.0’: a collaboration between Remy Meijers and De Rooy

‘Steel doors 2.0’: a collaboration between Remy Meijers and De Rooy

Remy Meijers is an experienced interior and product designer for whom tranquility and balance are important words. He enjoys using De Rooy’s steel doors on his projects. But now they are joining forces for “steel doors 2.0. A promising collaboration, which you can read more about in the interview below.

A few years ago, Remy Meijers first came into contact with De Rooy. Remy: “De Rooy was recommended to me from various quarters, for example by colleagues in the field. At one point I was working on a project in Amersfoort and then the contractor said that I really had to work with De Rooy. Then I did a project with De Rooy and I liked it so much that I continued to do so.”

Excessively good quality
Remy Meijers had long applied steel facades in his projects. “I had these facades welded by other companies, but often something wasn’t right. Either there was too thick a weld visible or it wasn’t done completely tight. I have a lot of experience with other parties and can therefore say that the quality of De Rooy is beyond reproach. And I really mean that.”

Totally awesome
“I really see a difference from the other parties I’ve worked with. I really like De Rooy completely. The value for money, the cooperation and the planning, everything is good. I can’t think of anything that doesn’t go well. It’s also nice that it’s a family business, you have contact with the owner himself and the lines are short. And dealing with each other is very pleasant.”

Dual collaboration
Remy Meijers has a dual partnership with De Rooy. For one thing, he applies De Rooy doors in his projects. A few months ago, Marein and Remy came up with the idea of developing new doors together. “Since we already work together so much, we thought it would be good to develop something special together.”

Steel doors 2.0
Steel doors are very popular. Flip open an interior design magazine and you will see them pass by. Remy: “It’s time for a steel door 2.0. What exactly this entails is still a big secret. I want to make a continuation of what is already there. By inserting other details, I want to break new ground.”

Mister Grey
Remy’s interior designs are characterized by a sober design style. “I’m not into fussiness. I’m more of the clean and straightforward, no frills. What you see is what you get. I think it’s important that people understand the design. I also like to play with combinations of rich materials. In principle, I never use color, I love everything with shades of gray. That is why I am sometimes jokingly called ‘Mister Grey’.”

Peace and balance
Remy creates interiors and designs furniture, where consistency is evident. “I always look for peace and balance in everything I do. My designs have to have a kind of simplicity so that it calms me down myself. In addition, I try to relax enough between my work. This leaves me open to ideas from many different angles. I get my inspiration from everywhere. From conversations with friends, a walk on the beach, a far away trip, when I’m sitting in a restaurant, I pick up something from everything.”

Doors that evoke wonder
Remy also takes his inspiration from everywhere for the “steel doors 2.0. Projects themselves are also a great source of inspiration. Remy: “When I’m working on a project, I check for myself what the project calls for. What would be interesting to add to De Rooy’s collection? For example, I am currently working on a beautiful penthouse. Then I consider for myself how you experience such a door in the space. I find it important that the doors evoke wonder. After all, there are doors and there are doors. But I want you to think: wow! That’s why I’m looking for a door that isn’t there right now, but does work up that feeling.”

De Rooy doors were high on the list
Remy is pleased to be working with De Rooy. “I think it’s important that everything is cohesive. From doors to sofas and so on. An interior only fits when you direct it from front to back. That’s why I like that I can now offer it all. I have already designed collections for many different interior product suppliers such as furniture, beds, curtains, flooring, lighting, paint and you name it. De Rooy doors are definitely a nice addition to that. In fact, that was high on my list. It’s getting more and more complete now.”

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