Take another look …. !

Take another look …. !

If this summer is going to be as beautiful as all the interiors we have had the pleasure of dressing up with our wall and floor tiles recently, then, at least as far as summer is concerned, you can’t go wrong.

But, no matter where you are or are going – Saint-Tropez, Siena, the Algarve, Vlieland, Ibiza, … -, if when you return home, or, who knows, before you leave, a new house, remodeling or a new kitchen, hall or bathroom is on the agenda, please visit our website anyway www.quintalisque.com. Then cool rosé, citron pressé or “bica” tastes even better. Even though we all love to go on vacation, there is always a “home.” And dressing and beautifying that “home” is precisely our specialty. With QuintaLisque, “at home” you are always on vacation. Beautiful anyway!

So, check again … !



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